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  • Michael Black - Horrible software, horrible customer service, but what are you gonna do? Not many other options

    I've been using Quickbooks for a year at my business now and I just bought the 2014 Pro with Enhanced Payroll. First of all the instructions for installing the Payroll portion are WRONG. The options they tell you to click don't exist. Tech support is overseas and not very good. I still haven't figured out how to get Payroll working and I need to pay my employees. I'm not computer illiterate, I work with computers and various kinds of software every day. The people who wrote this software are not very bright. The interface is clunky, and there are all sorts of graphics to try and make accounting software look cool, but they needed to spend time making it easier to use and work well. The 2013 version would make the computer lock up if you left it open long. The 2014 version hasn't yet, but I'm not holding out much hope. I wish there was another solution to the accounting and payroll problem that cost as little as this does, but I haven't found a good one yet.

  • M4st3r - powerful, versatile, and just awesome.

    To start out, I bought this blaster just as a back up, but was I mistaken to call it a "back-up". This thing is amazing, its small size makes it very versatile and the triple shot only makes you have to reload every three shots. To tell the truth this is one of the most powerful dart blaster I have and if you thrust you arm forward then pull the trigger it gets even more range than it already has. The only down side is the accuracy which is mostly because of the darts.

  • P. E. Miller - It's Okay.

    I have very fine, somewhat oily hair. I really didn't think that this heavy cream "shampoo" would get it clean. But I followed the instructions and it did the job very well. My hair wasn't heavy or greasy at all. I used one entire bottle to make sure I gave it a chance to do what it claims. Well, it did an okay job. Nothing special. I'm guessing this shampoo is more for people with thick hair.

  • Heidi K Leder - A Terrific and Safe Digital Device for Kids 4-8

    I received an advance LeapPad unit for reviewing purposes and here are our thoughts after using it for two weeks:

  • Healer - amazing

    Very well written by beautiful spiritual beings, contributing to the shifting of our oneness. Excellent documentation of a challenging area to express. Thank you.

  • Desiree Daglio Morales - This book was an eye opener

    Thanks to this book I stopped taking PPIs for heartburn and indigestion. (Had taken PPI's for 8 years) The first week I felt awful, but now I'm fine as long as I eat healthy and small portions. I had assumed I needed to take the medications but turns out I feel better now that I'm off. I am keeping my condition under control without any medication. The treatment options offered in this book may or may not work for you, but the information about stomach conditions is very helpful in making better decisions about medications and treatment options.

  • AnjO - It's LOVE!

    Love, love, love, love, love!! I have type 3A curly Caucasian hair. It tends to be dry and especially frizzy in humid weather. This is my perfect hair gel!!! While it seems as if it might be a sticky mess, it easily glides through my hair with not a touch of stickiness. I don't use too much - a little goes a very long way for me. I put it in when my hair is pretty wet, scrunch with a microfiber towel, and let my hair dry. My frizz practically disappears. If I happen to use too much, I do end up with crunchy curls. But it is so easy to remove the curl cast by lightly scrunching my hair with my fingers when dry. The crunch goes away leaving perfectly defined, frizz-free Botticelli curls.