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    City: -83.4111 Michigan, United States

  • Timothy Rasmusson - Exactly what I was looking for...

    Perfect solution to monitoring a vacation home. Simple set up and works as advertised. Was using Internet to watch the house, this will save me $2000/ year.

  • cawess - Too soon to know...

    I only gave Idol Lash 4 stars as it takes time to know if it is working. The lashes will take time to grow and I haven't seen a difference yet. I would love for it to work, however, it takes one's dedication to use the product faithfully and maybe on some it just won't work. We'll see!

  • Olive - Who care what they think! It works ;)

    Ok sooooo it looks crazy to have around your toilet .... Yes and company may ask about it and give you a strange look.. And think strange thoughts about you as you tell them about... All I know is I can number Two way better- so hey it's worth it!

  • Wayne - It works

    My Previa was developing signs of a head gasket going bad...moderate amounts of white exhaust in the morning that cleared up after a few minutes. I put the Bar's in, the symptoms disappeared and I have driven it over 5000 miles so far including a 3000 mile round trip. I hope it keeps going another 5000, at least. So far so good.


    This album is full of GREAT, MASSIVE surprises and hits. I love this new direction Lady Gaga is going with this record. This album is for EVERYONE.

  • Bill O'Hanlon - Compelling and well written

    The only bad news is that after reading this book, I found the next novel I started a bit boring in comparison. I have read all of Sanford's fiction and this one is up to his usual high standards. A compelling read, great characters and dialogue and a gripping plot.