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  • Glenn Drysdale - Outstanding bag, lots of pockets with many featured that ...

    Outstanding bag, lots of pockets with many featured that add to its usability. Attention to detail and quality are obvious.

  • B. Pilibosian - JUNK

    We tested this unit prior to putting it to use in my shop and it failed miserably. It should register 1 or 2 lights meaning good, 3 or 4 meaning bad. We tested it with old dirty brake fluid and 4 lights lit up meaning it was bad.....then we tested brand new brake fluid that we opened just for the test and 3 lights lit up meaning it was also bad. We opened another new bottle of brake fluid and 3 more lights. Straight water gave us 4 lights. We read and followed the directions before use. Now I get to see how good Amazon is about returns.

  • Michael McCarthy - Good product, but the older version was better.

    I'm still trying to get used to this version. I used Street Atlas 7 FOREVER, because the last time I tried to update, I was really disappointed. There are a lot of things I still like MUCH better on the older version, but it's so old now that newer freeways just aren't on the map. I find myself driving "in the middle of fields" much of the time.