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Dr Wilbur Kuo | Internal Medicine Doctor | Sykesville Maryland - Dr. Wilbur Kuo, MD. Trusted board-certified internist. Practicing medicine for 15 years. Accepting new patients in our Sykesville office. Call 443-280-5118

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  • http://www.drkuomd.com/physician-profile Dr Wilbur Kuo Physician Profile - Physician Profile for Dr Wilbur Kuo, trained at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland Hospital, followed by years of clinical experience taking care of patients
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  • Amazon Customer - Mr. Coffee ECMP50 & I ... BFF (or as long as you last...)

    The reviews are right. Mr. Coffee has come through with the ECMP50! This very affordable machine makes an eye-opening cup of espresso. Other reviewers have summed up the product quite well, I just wanted to chime in with my support. As far as taking advantage of this appliance, read the advice of the other reviewers (especially K. Kreuger). Also read the instructions. They are short, simple and important. I haven't had a problem with leaking yet, and the tamp is flimsy as reported. Get rid of the black rubber tip on the frothing wand, and the single demitasse is too small to be practical. Other than that this unit is a beauty, and the espresso is de-lish! I am super pleased with my purchase.

  • Danae - Love this Car Seat!

    We have owned many car seats over the years and this is by far our favorite. Our 3 year old son still comfortably rear faces in our car. Due to the narrow base we are able to fit 3 car seats across in the back of our Lexus 350 sedan. This seat sits higher than our other seats and has contoured sides allowing the front seats to come back much further than they could previously when we have a rear facing seat installed on the middle. The recline is easy to access and can be changed after installed. Also the harness adjustment is easy to use to insure a secure fit each time.

  • Ryan - Must have for every garage

    This is the only product that even comes close to "magic fix" in the automotive area. I've been using it for a while for fuel and oil treatment to keep things in my cars nice and clean. Recently I had a terrible problem with the engine in my wife's car. The oil drain plug washer failed and all her oil spilled out on the highway without her knowing. Drove home with the CEL blinking and the car making terrible noises. She probably drove it 15 miles bone dry. Put in new oil, new filter and new drain plug gasket but the engine was still having issues. Sounded like sticky lifters. Huge headache to get them out and clean them individually, so I poured in some SeaFoam first. Cleared up the engine noise after 1-2 miles of driving. Problem has never come back. I buy this in the gallon jug when it's on sale. A little harder to measure it out, but worth having around. If you are a DIYer, check out some automotive repair forums. This aways gets high marks.

  • Catherine Quigley - This product after 30 days is a miracle and saves me tons of money!

    This stuff met my hopes and dreams! I was tired of spending $30 every time I had to get my acrylics filled! I finally removed them leaving my nail damaged beyond repair until they completely grew out! I was getting acrylics because my nails finally started to thin and break to the point I had to keep them short. My nails were always long and beautiful. I'm 58. My hair and skin were following this trend also. So a bought this product over 30 days ago. Then I had to have my drivers license renewed 10 days later. I was in complete shock when I saw my new picture!!!! So I noticed my skin looks so fresh! I noticed my hair stopped breaking, my nails look so much better even though they still haven't totally recovered from the acrylics! Humm? How many beauty products can I throw out? How many times do I have to clip my nails? How often do I have to I have to grind my callused, dry, cracking feet? Never!!!!

  • Jessica Rosamond - FAKE

    Me and a friend both ordered this product and it did not work at all. There was a review on here that said if you contact her she will send you before and after pics well she has been contacted by multiple people and hasnt responded. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I did this because I had a perfect stop and stare ass (not my words) but had health problems pop up and unwillingly lost about 20 pounds and being a female it automatically comes off of your butt and breasts then follows up in the other areas. Hopefull little me buys these sure as hell they would work and there is no change what so ever. So ladys a word of advice save your money stock up on your protien and milk (whole milk has a high fat content which helps with weight gain in these areas) and do butt excersises :) i hope this review will save people from a waste of time and money. PS the manufacture of this product should be ashamed of theirself I sure as hell would be if I scammed hundreds of women out of money.

  • T. Monday - No room for ice and it leaks!

    I thought this cup was going to be the answer for my infusion needs but I am greatly disappointed. There is not room for ice so your drink warms quickly. I contacted the company and they suggested putting the ice in the infusion basket and the fruits on the outside. Duh! Why would I buy a. Infusion cup if I'm going to do that. I was going to return the cup but have been too busy with my hubby's cancer treatments. The cup leaks too! I would not buy!