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Eating Disorders - Information and Support for Carers, Essex UK - A parent-led mutual support group based in Essex, UK, sharing information and providing mutual support for families and carers of a loved one with an Eating Disorder - Anorexia, Bulimia and other-not-specified.

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  • Tyson W. - Caused bad acne side effect

    After taking this product I had an terrible acne outbreak the next day. Once I stopped taking it my skin cleared up (I don't usually have any acne problems). Just to experiment on myself again I took the product again two weeks later to be sure it was the cause. Within a day the acne breakout occurred and subsequently went away with removal of taking the prodcut. I read other reviewers who had this occur as well. While it may work fine for some people my body certainly did not appreciate it.

  • dralexy - One of the best Tat support gels

    Had a major tattoo update and this stuff hydrates like no other... really moistens and makes the tat rich. Not cheap - but hey.. i'm a work of art!!

  • brenda lee - My Last Kaspersky purchase!

    Will not purchase Kaspersky Internet Security again. I liked it and was using it for a number of years and had just purchased and installed it on my new laptop Toshiba Satellite and on 8th May 2016 clicked onto a site on Facebook only to have my new laptop lock up from a virus/malicious attack and then had to pay $200. to get technical help from Toshiba to remove it off my laptop. With this Kaspersky Internet Security it should have never happen the technician said and she also found quite a bit of other issues that fell threw the cracks due to Kaspersky as well!

  • LAShopGirl - Not sure if it's doing anything...

    Meh, I don't know.. I've never used a mouthwash before because they all have alcohol and sugar in them, which defeats the purpose of rinsing out your mouth since alcohol/sugar = dries out your mouth = bacteria loves a dry mouth = breathy. People rinse their mouths out with alcohol and dry out their mouths even more...and then they think they need mouthwash more. But I had heard Biotene does not have alcohol in it and it's supposed to help clean your teeth and gums between dental cleanings, which I thought was a bonus since I don't enjoy flossing.

  • Blackjetta - Everything you want to know (and should know) about credit.

    Great Book. This has taught me more about credit and how to maintain it or get it than anything I've ever read on the subject. Or heard for that matter. It's a complicated thing, but everyone needs it to get the best rates on all kinds of things that we acquire. The best advice is to pay your bills on time, every time, And keep your credit balances low and you'll do wonders for yourself.

  • Hope - Love this machine!

    I haven't used mine yet, as I just got it yesterday and had to wait for my bananas to freeze. Darned bananas! I have used my mother-in-laws machine though and love it! I have had the yonanas ice cream made in a blender, which was good. The texture that comes out of this machine though blows that out of the water! That is what prompted me to buy my own. Great machine. I also loved that it is very easy to clean. Highly recommended.

  • g0tr00t - Head Shavers

    Ok, so being a Fusion users for a few years, I thought I would give this a shot. The price was right and the reviews looked pretty decent. I am not an employee or paid user or anything. I see some reviews alluding to that as well. For $20 how can you go wrong to at least give it a shot.