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Embrace Air Products | Rehabilitation Products - The EmbraceAIRPlus product line, Solitude Water Pillow and Motion Medicine Topical Remedy are an effective team of products, used, prescribed and recommended daily by health care practitioners world wide.

  • http://www.embraceair.com/contact-us Contact Us | Embrace Air Products - Contact Innotech Rehabilitation Products Inc 1-800-361-0228 PO Box 534 Orillia , ON, L3V 6K2
  • http://www.embraceair.com/back-supports Back Supports | Embrace Air Products - Innotech has great news for back pain sufferers. Our EmbraceAIRPlus back support products have been proven effective at relieving and preventing back pain in both clinical experience and scientific laboratory studies.
  • http://www.embraceair.com/pain-relief Pain Relief | Embrace Air Products - Revolutionary Topical Pain Remedy The revolutionary topical pain cream Motion Medicine relieves and prevents muscle and joint aches and pain due to inflammation and arthritis. Motion Medicine enhances circulation and exerts local anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relief. It also promotes cartilage and tissue repair activities. Formulated in Canada with all-natural ingredients, Motion Medicine topical pain remedy contains the components clinically proven to ease pain and to aid tissue repair. In 2003, the Journal of Rheumatology released a study on topical cream including camphor, glucosamine, and chondroitin as active ingredients: "Our results clearly show that this effectively targets osteoarthritic knee pain and provides immediate pain relief along with long term improvement of pain with continued use." Nearly all of the patients using the cream obtained immediate pain relief. Additionally, the results showed there was a greater mean sustained reduction in pain at both four weeks and eight weeks for the experiment group compared to the placebo group. A majority of the cream users experienced gradually and continually improving pain relief over the eight weeks. With continued use, one-third of the experiment group had their chronic osteoarthritis pain completely or nearly completely eliminated within eight weeks or less. Get Pain free movement again and order Motion Medicine today! Multiple Packaging options, order the size right for you Video Description Cautions/Warning Comparison Chart
  • http://www.embraceair.com/pillows Pillows | Embrace Air Products - Research and manufacturers recommend changing your pillow every six months. Who does that? Memory foam forgets over time and normal foam pillows wear down. Fiber compresses.
  • http://www.embraceair.com/practitioners Practitioners | Embrace Air Products - Our products where developed with the insight of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists. Along the way way have been independently measured and tested by science laboratories.
  • http://www.embraceair.com/about-us About Us | Embrace Air Products - Innotech Rehabilitation Products Inc. (Innotech) is the Canadian innovator and manufacturer of the patented EmbraceAIRPlus back support Solitude water pillow, and Motion Medicine topical healing cream.
  • http://www.embraceair.com/testimonials Testimonials | Embrace Air Products - I love this product – it really helps!” “I travel with it all the time.” “It allowed me to get back to work.”
  • http://www.embraceair.com/products/embraceairplus EmbraceAIRPlus | Embrace Air Products - EmbraceAIRPlus is recommended worldwide by healthcare professionals. Designed with pressure mapping, its open cell foam (15 year life) contours to your body naturally,

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  • Lee M. Williams - How I got past Blue Light of Death

    It is a great console. After a couple of days of heavy use...I ended up with Blue Screen, Click of Death Defect. System wouldn't boot. Customer Support...don't call, use the online live chat...the que is much smaller, and I have someone within 5-10 mins.

  • Digitaldude - What a mess. The methodology may have merit, but cutting through the Steam makes it hard to find

    I am an experienced PC user who was seeking to augment my guitar instruction with Rocksmith. I purchased this product through Amazon and as almost always fulfillment was flawless.

  • Cobra32 - What I expected!

    I received my HONDA CRV roof racks much sooner than I expected and after some frustration trying to install them without any instructions, I figured I needed to get out my tape measure and do some measuring. Well, the trick is that one side of the rack's mounting screws are four inches center to center and the opposite end our 4 1/2" c-c so if you do not check them you could strip out the threads because holes won't line-up. Once I figured that out everything went together in a snap! It would be nice if they would tell you that, it would save a lot of time and confusion.