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Enterra Solutions - Enterrasolutions.com - Enterra Solutions is one of the leading companies which helps you in creating a new bond with new ideas and products which indirectly would increase the ROI of your company.

  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/enterra-insights Enterra Insights, Analytics and Insights - Enterra Insights is written by Stephen DeAngelis and provides insights on all topics including Big Data, Entreprenuership and Supply Chains.
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/big-data/value_chain Cognitive Supply Chain, Enterra Cognitive Value Chain Solutions - Enterra's Cognitive Supply Chain solutions convert big data into useful and actionable intelligence for our customers.
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/technology/infrastructure/ Creating a Safer, More Stable World - Defending the public good takes on new meaning in a data-rich world. Enterra’s Cognitive Reasoning Platform and its Enterprise Resilience & Continued
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/products/platform Cognitive Reasoning Platform, Cognitive Computing and Big Data - We live in a world immersed in data. It emanates from our smartphones. It resonates from devices. It’s created each & Continued
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/products/ontologies Ontology and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data - The Enterra Ontology is the key behind our Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing.
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/products/inference Rules-Based Inference Systems, Inference Engine - Traditional programming systems are sequential and follow a fixed execution path: step 1 & step 2… etc… In Rule-Based Inference Systems & Continued.
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/products/natural-language Natural Language Processing (NLP) as a Gateway to Understanding - Who creates data, information and knowledge? Quite often humans, and we do it through language, the natural language we use & Continued
  • http://www.enterrasolutions.com/products/engines Business Rule Engine, Recommendation Engine - Matching unique product attributes to personal preferences id done by our Recommendation Engine. Our business rule engine connects the target consumer with the right product based on their data.

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  • Lunar & Lay'la - This shampoo is making my hair brittle and it is now falling out!

    I'v been using this shampoo with the conditioner and product for thickening for 2 weeks. I'm finding clumps of hair in my tub and my hair is so brittle it is cracking. I don't know what they put in these products but it does not work for me. BE CAREFUL.

  • T.B. - High Energy, Low Volume...

    Program is great, with plenty of exercises to get you physically active. Jillian's voice and the music volume are too low, even at the highest setting, but she doesn't say much anyway. The Balance Board sensitivity seems off for some of the exercises, but if you're doing the excercise properly, you don't need a beep to tell you so. You will feel it. Only major downside is the warm up, which is always running in place, which doesn't use the same muscles as real running.