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  • Clifton Haney - EA remains indifferent to its customers.

    The launch server issues are simply a slap in the face. Scalable internet architecture is prevalent, and easily accessible. Amazon and countless others offer cloud computing that is designed for just these situations, and yet EA can't even be bothered to invest in it for a flagship title. The game might be fun, but unfortunately many of us still have no idea. I've spent three times as much time trying to play the game as I've actually played it. The "always online" requirements are simply DRM, nothing more. EA's claims of "advanced cloud computing" are ludicrous, as the game

  • Emilio - Miracle in a Bottle

    Well it worked and saved me $2000. I know it's not a permanent fix but it got me passed smog. I have a 2000 f150 with no access to the radiator. It says it works best with direct access to the radiator. So I reminded the main radiator hose clamps and poured it right in that way. Key the truck idle for 30 minutes and let it cool. Tried it the next day and still white smoke or the exhaust. I was pretty disappointed but noticed the smoke had stopped sooner then it usually did. Same thing the next morning but the misfire served to be gone. Next day minor smoke and the check engine light had went away. Woohoo was I happy.

  • Ms. Shopalot - Perfect for this Gym Rat

    Recommended to me by my trainer, this product has made a huge difference in my stamina, during workouts and while at work! Mixed in a 50/50 blend of water and juice, it taste fine. It's palatable just in water, too. I love it as an ingredient in my protein smoothies. My stomach is very sensitive to supplements - no problems with this one. Try it. You'll like how you feel.

  • jtrux - Radioactive?

    I bought one of these cables a few years ago and that is when things started taking a turn for the worse. After a few days of having them in my house I developed a chronic nausea. For two weeks I would throw up at least three times a day and would spend the rest of the time on the toilet. Eventually the torment ended but I was still bed ridden. As I was single at the time I had nobody to bring me food or water. The cable began to be worth the money now, though. The cable nursed me back to health providing me with nutrients in the same way a mother does to her child. I became stronger than I had ever been before, the power of AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable flowed through my veins.

  • Paige - She doesn't have BLONDE HAIR!

    For the person that said Kanani has blonde hair, your crazy and obviously color blind she has BROWN hair. She's absolutely gorgeous and I'm in love with.

  • PPjr - Better than expected.

    Works great , purchased 2nd for a gift & may even purchase another. I use with my 2007 vehicle that has no Bluetooth but does ave a 3.5 jack. I ues it with my headphones & iPad. And I also use with iPhone & TV sound bar that has a 3.5 aux input. I've had it for 2 weeks but not sure how long battery lasts. Have used for about an hour at a time. In my vehicle it is always connected to a power source. Added bonus this one has a volume control,most do not.

  • Shelly - I give silk'n 3 stars cause it's not as pain ...

    I give silk'n 3 stars cause it's not as pain free as everyone said 😕 as for the no hair! I'm still waiting... 😞.