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  • G. Liu - What a coincidence, mine was dead after serveral months too

    Just used it for a couple of times, suddenly dead out of nothing after six month. Can not turn on heat anymore. should read reviews here before my purchase.

  • Jackie - It is helpful

    I have tried many products just for strength and softness,and this one works for me, the best.I have thin/thinning hair and haven't seen anything spectacular happen from using this product, but it does give me fullness which I wasn't getting from any other product. It's pricey, but I will buy it again.

  • Honest Reviewer - Good value for solar powered lights

    Great outdoor solar powered garden lights for around the house. Be careful when installing these. Remember to pull off the protective film from the top to ensure proper charging. They're not going to light up like a 60 watt bulb, especially if you keep them in the shade, so have your expectations set correctly when ordering solar lights. If you are placing these into firm ground then please soften the ground with water first or just push the stick into the ground without the top light for fear of cracking these. They're well constructed but anything can be damaged with enough force.

  • Diana Goyer - I have a terrible time sleeping

    I have a terrible time sleeping, these helped a little, but did not keep me asleep.. I am a hard case as I don't sleep well so these might work better on someone who needs them occasionally.

  • smoove - So-So Item

    I tried to like this thing but it just doesn't have good quality sound. I sent it back and the company and they asked to if they could send a new one if I removed a poor review (they sent details about how to do it). I gave them a second chance but the new unit they sent also had poor quality sound. this just didn't work out.

  • Chiners27 - Great product. Fits PERFECTLY in my 2015 Renegade

    Quick arrival. Great product. Fits PERFECTLY in my 2015 Renegade. I love how deep they are because they hold a lot of liquid/mud if you track it into your vehicle. Would highly recommend them!