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Transportes Global Service - Brindar un servicio de excelencia en el transporte de carga, cumpliendo con los estándares de seguridad, garantía y tiempos de entrega pactados con nuestros clientes.

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    Country:, South America, CL

    City: -71.5197 Region de Valparaiso, Chile

  • Amazon Customer - Keeps going and going.

    I have a flea infestation and this product took care of it in 3 days. I no longer have fleas and have not had fleas in my house for 10 years now. I purchased this for my grandmother. The product goes into the carpet and around baseboards and is invisible, odorless, and is not an allergen. I would use this product again. (if it ever stopped working)

  • Amazon Customer - Storage capability lost entirely in two months, can't return

    In two months, for reasons I don't understand I stopped being able to put anything on the device. I bought a 64 gig sd card, set the default storage location to be the SD card, and it didn't even recognize it as a storage device. So I bought a 32 gig from another company, didn't work. I put an old 8 gig in there and I can't download the app that tells you what's eating all of your space up.

  • M. Tyson - The only daily sunscreen I wear.

    I've used Aveeno products for years. I particularly like this sunscreen/moisturizer. It goes on smoothly and soon loses the heavy feel, leaving behind well moisturized skin. I also think its light reflecting properties make my skin look just a bit better! Plus make-up, when I wear it, goes on better over it. I have used other products, like Olay, but this one works best on my type of skin which is middle-aged, dry, and in decent condition.