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Greater New Bedford Community Health Center - Our mission is to provide medical and dental services and programs that improve the health of individuals and the community. We are centrally located in historic downtown New Bedford and provide health care to all area residents including the medically underserved.

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  • LouAnne B. - any blonde can use it

    I have a bookkeeping business and it is what I use - I tease that if I (a blonde) can use it, any one can - very user friendly - every business should use it.

  • Hot dogs and beer - 3 stars for sure

    I really was looking for a moisturizer to calm my skin and help with dry patches that seem to pop up when they feel like it. This is okay, I don't love it. I use it at night and in the morning pre-makeup. It doesn't moisturize as much as I need it to but it does help. I think it will be better for me in the spring and summer, definitely not the winter. My skin still peels and is very itchy so I will keep looking for something else that maybe is a bit more moisturizing and will last throughout the day.

  • Dakotaam1 - this is a must purchase for a vehicle

    I absolutely love my weather tech liners!! I am telling everyone that this product is a must for your vehicle. It is very rugged and is great for pets and a busy outdoor lifestyle. Keeps my vehicle nice and clean and my weekly visits to the car wash is so much faster!

  • auntiem - Zenith 2016

    I enjoyed this book because it gives you insight to all pagan religions and their origin. It also gives insight on why Washington DC's buildings are built the way they are and especially all the monuments. Further insight to the Free Masons and the similar believe of the Mormon's. Very good read!

  • David - Great to have for campers

    I needed something for some walkies we use when we are out of cell range. Works well in direct sunlight and even slowly charges on partly cloudy days. Charge speed depends on available sunlight. Sometimes faster than others but overall, reliable. It stows in my backpack and doesn't add much weight. Don't expect anything close to "rapid" charge - but it will get the job done.

  • Keith - Gets no better

    For an Anti-Virus you don't have to pay for, this really is top of the line. In a survey of the best Anti-Viruses on the market today (both paid and free) Avast! Anti-Virus ranked 2nd best in the world only behind Kaspersky Anti-Virus by a couple of false positives (A false positive is when your AV picks up a file and flags it as a virus when it actually isn't - all AV does that at some point, don't let that dissuade you). The best part about it, is that you only pay when you want to pay. Of course using free gives you less features, but when I had a virus on my PC many years ago and got Avast! to try to help, it not only did the job, it was easy to use too and it has never failed me since. With it's user-friendly interface, voice pop-ups that let you know of your AV activity and the ability to pay for it whenever you want, there's really no downside to at least trying it. Another really good point is that it's MUCH cheaper than most other Anti-Viruses out there on the market and they always have deals on their subscriptions (50% off and such) and for the amount of work it does for the price, it's a win-win.