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GRREAT | Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training - a MD, VA, PA, DE, WV and DC Golden Retriever Rescue - Libby Grab your sneakers and your dog and head over to Weber’s Pet Supermarket cause the talk around the dog park is GRREAT’s 3K Walk is the place to

  • http://www.grreat.org/donate Donate/Support | GRREAT - Forever Friends: If you are trying to make a Forever Friends submission, please do not use the above form. Instead visit this link. To make a contribution by
  • http://www.grreat.org/about-us/ About Us | GRREAT - Rocky 05-200 Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, Inc. (GRREAT) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding loving new homes
  • http://www.grreat.org/about-us/the-grreat-story/ The GRREAT Story | GRREAT - HOW IT ALL BEGAN by Mary Jane Shervais Originally published in the July/August 1997 issue of GRREAT Newsin celebration of GRREAT's 11th Anniversary I don't
  • http://www.grreat.org/about-us/contacts/ Contacts@GRREAT | GRREAT - The GRREAT Board of Directors President ([email protected]): Barbara Bertsch Boyd Vice President ([email protected]): Jennifer Phillippe Secretary
  • http://www.grreat.org/about-us/statistics/ GRREAT By the Numbers | GRREAT - General Statistics The statistics in the linked pages below provide an overview of GRREAT activity over the past few years, based upon the committee
  • http://www.grreat.org/available-dogs/adoption-information/ Adoption Information | GRREAT - ADOPTING A GRREAT GOLDEN RETRIEVER We welcome your interest in adopting a rescued Golden Retriever. The satisfaction and love derived from giving a homeless
  • http://www.grreat.org/how-to-help/be-a-grreat-volunteer/ Be a GRREAT Volunteer | GRREAT - VOLUNTEER TO HELP GRREAT GRREAT is all-volunteer operated. Without volunteers, the organization would cease to exist and hundreds more Golden Retrievers would
  • http://www.grreat.org/how-to-help/become-a-member/ Become a Member | GRREAT - JOIN US! BECOME A MEMBER OF GRREAT Benefits Remmy 11-147 GRREAT News, our quarterly newsletter sent to members. Invitations to the GRREAT Bark-B-Que
  • http://www.grreat.org/how-to-help/be-a-grreat-foster-home/ Be a GRREAT Foster Home | GRREAT - FOSTER HOMES ARE URGENTLY NEEDED! Thinking About Becoming a GRREAT Foster Home? We are always in need of GRREAT foster homes. If you've thought about
  • http://www.grreat.org/donatesupport/donation-center/ Donation Center | GRREAT - GRREAT Donation Center GRREAT is a non-profit, tax exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donations to
  • http://www.grreat.org/donatesupport/the-leo-fund/ The Leo Fund | GRREAT - Leo 96-062 was the inspiration for The Leo Fund, which provides extraordinary medical care for special needs dogs. The Leo Fund provides extraordinary
  • http://www.grreat.org/donatesupport/chiefs-fund/ Chief's Fund | GRREAT - Chief 07-121 Chief’s Fund was established in 2008 to provide MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedures for GRREAT dogs in need of advanced medical
  • http://www.grreat.org/donatesupport/the-simile-finale-fund/ The Simile-Finale Fund | GRREAT - The Simile-Finale Fund was started to provide acupuncture treatment for GRREAT dogs. It has evolved to provide other sources of holistic medical care including
  • http://www.grreat.org/donatesupport/young-donors-club/ Young Donor's Club | GRREAT - If your son or daughter is under the age of 18 and would like to make a donation to help rescued Golden Retrievers find their way to their Forever Homes, we
  • http://www.grreat.org/donatesupport/sponsors/ Sponsors | GRREAT - SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT GRREAT The companies listed here have supported GRREAT by donating merchandise, providing services, hosting GRREAT events, or through
  • http://www.grreat.org/giving-up-your-dog/ Giving Up Your Dog | GRREAT - If You Are Thinking of Giving Up Your Golden People give up their dogs for a variety of reasons - time limitations, divorce or other changes in family
  • http://www.grreat.org/information/buying-a-puppy/ Buying a Puppy | GRREAT - INFORMATION FOR PUPPY BUYERS Of course, we hope you will consider adopting a dog from GRREAT, but if you do decide you want a purebred Golden Retriever puppy,
  • http://www.grreat.org/information/microchip-faq/ Microchip FAQ | GRREAT - About Microchipping GRREAT began microchipping its dogs in 2004, after determining that tattooing was no longer the best option for identification of your

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  • crane_critter - Few quirks, overall good.

    Overall, good mouse, not great. The ergonomics of the side buttons is a little off for me. This mouse intends for you to press in a downwards motion, whereas I prefer to pressing inwards. While you can perform the actions as such, it feels weird pressing into a ridge. The mouse is lightweight and has a nice feel in the hand. However, the light is incredibly annoying. The light emanating from the mouse wheel is a nice touch, but the light glowing from the logo is a little too much that I had to place a piece of black electrical tape over it.

  • Ralph Kaz - Fantastic!

    Great app to keep your kids entertained (and learning) while out for summer break. My 6 yr old daughter loves singing along with the nursery rhymes and letter songs. Haven't even explored all the content yet but I see there are arts and crafts, science and other video's in there as well. Can't believe this app is FREE!!!