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Haemosexual : Support for gay / bisexual people affected by a Haemophilia - Haemosexual is a developing, community based online support and information resource. Haemosexual will stand for equality, education and better healthcare for everyone with a bleeding disorder no matter what their sexual orientation is.

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  • Dien V. Le - Great Info of Med Schools

    It's the only book you'll need if you're looking into which med school you want to apply to. It tells you EVERYTHING you can possibly want to know!!

  • Babel Tower - The kind of naughty treat I crave

    This well-deserved title bundles 4 super sexy stories that will sweeten your mood as much as Halloween candy.

  • Masayo Allen - The Best Mapping Software

    I am in the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program at the University of San San Diego, and I am using Maptitude to prepare maps of real estate data for a presentation on Medical Office Buildings. I have found the people at Caliper to be exceedingly generous with their time in helping me use their Maptitude software, and I can honestly say that I could not graphically demonstrate the most important aspects of my presentation without their software. I highly recommend Caliper and its mapping software.

  • Amazon Customer - Works like it should!

    Seems like most of the reviewers received this gratis. I on the other hand paid for mine. I like to wear my Chaco sandals but after a while I build up huge calluses. After doing some research I went for this model. I had read about some complaints of not enough power. Well, if you are using like a belt sander, no it doesn't have enough power....but if you use it to remove calluses in a "gentle" manner, it works fine. It was fairly quick and zero pain. I'd suggest rechargeable batteries. I take off one star for overall build quality. It looks pretty flimsy and may not last many years, but for the price I think it is worth it. Cheers!

  • lisak - A five because it works

    I bought this for my teenage daughter with severe acne on her back and mild but continuous acne on her face. We have tried many products: Proactive body wash, panoxyl, clean and clear, Neutrogena with AHA, and doxycycline from her doctor with minimal results and harsh drying of the skin. I bought Lerosett for the free trial off the web site. The results for the first three weeks: her face is completely clear even the little red spots or scars are healed. Her skin is beautiful. And her back is about 60% healed with use of 1 x day and 5x per week. Nothing we have used has produced a result even close to this. I am sure with more consistent use the results would be even more impressive. This product works....worth every penny. No drying or flaking of the skin. The only side effect is clear skin. I read a lot of reviews and frequent complaints about the price. I would pay it because of the results but with a little searching I found the Rhassoul clay (the main ingredient) very inexpensive by the pound and mix it yourself. We mix ours with Aloe Vera Juice.

  • Redneck Mom - Awsome

    This box is cool because you can actually put your seas down with the subs still in. I love this box and sounds nice with 2 kicker 250 watts in side.