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  • fmgewok - Bit of a process, but LOVE the color!

    I had dyed my hair a VERY dark brown for a little over a year, so I was nervous to try the Splat hair color kit because bleaching dark hair could go very badly...

  • nurseychic - Unhappy Cat solution!!!

    Feliway works! You just need to use it for 3-4 weeks before you notice a difference in behaviour. A new addition to the house (boyfriend's cat) made one of my cats very unhappy - inappropriate peeing! I was about to go out of my mind trying everything under sun when I found Feliway - After 4 weeks, noticed he stopped peeing and was alot more calm. Also using GNC calming treats which really helped my little guy. And the feliway spay helped a bit. We were in process of buying a new house too - and plugged these babies in new house for 2 weeks too prior to moving cats to new place 2 months later and so far so good.. been in new house for 3 months and no inappropriate peeing! Using a few in house and in basement where litter boxes are. New territory and feliway seems to help situation of getting along. I might just keep it going for a while - each container will go for almost 2 months... just remember to refill them.. I have them all over the house...PS: Drfostersmith dot com has a great sale on multiple refills... I think you can get same deal on amazon if you look hard. :)

  • Dr Phill - A little too flimsy for my taste

    I bought this for kids at the same time as "State Series Quarters Collector Map: Also Including the District of Columbia and Territorial Quarters" (both from amazon). I have to say I was very pleased with the state map booklet/folder. That one is very well made. However this one - "national park quarters" by comparison just looks a lot more poorly made.