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  • shopgal92019 - She believes that it cleanses hair better than any other product

    I started using this shampoo at the recommendation of my hair stylist. She believes that it cleanses hair better than any other product. I have used it off and on for 6 years. The price through Amazon is better.

  • Jennifer Sharkey - Move over peach rings!!

    Peach rings used to be my favorite candy, that is, until I met the delicious Haribo gummy peaches! They actually taste quite a bit different than the peachy-o rings. These have a much finer grain of sugar on them, which I prefer. They aren't sticky/don't stick together. Sometimes in the ring version I would pull one out, only to discover 2 or 3 more stuck to it. The gummy part is also different. It's not as chewy as the ring version - and by chewy I mean kind of rubbery. The flavor is also a lot better in the Haribo peach candy. It's more sweet peach tasting and less sugary tasting. I first fell in love with these at my local Target store. For some reason they were kept on an end cap in the toy department, and only during winter time. I was lucky to stumble upon them! And so I made my yearly peachy purchases and spent the rest of the year reminiscing about how good they were.

  • Vsauce - too bad they discontinued it

    in person, this stroller is very stylish, for what thats worth. Its a stunner. too bad they discontinued it. It is also, hands down,, the best buy for a stroller. it is super light weight..easy to fold...reclines to a comfortable level for napping, has a little "pram-like boot enclosure" which is really cool for newborns..makes it so you can enclose the end for a carriage-like feature. I love this stroller. i had one 18 years ago for my first..and now, with baby #2, i had bugaboos, peg peregos, orbits, etc....and to be honest, the combi was the stroller that i used the most. It is really the only stroller you need from newborn to toddler. (i have a bugaboo bee , too. which i love...but it does cost about $700 MORE than the combi. )

  • Donald Gilbrech - Used to clean oven - Works great!

    My girlfriend and I purchased 2 of these to clean our oven with before moving out of our apartment. The product practically did all the work for us. We let the degreaser soak in for a matter of hours followed by another quick spay and all grease and grime wiped away. We quickly purchased a third as it was still on sale and I gave it to my mother.

  • Sydney - Not what I expected

    I've been taking cellucor for 4 weeks now, and unfortunately I can't see what everyone is talking about. It really hasn't done much for me at all. And no I was not expecting it to be a miracle, or that I could eat a bad diet. I eat a very clean diet with lots lean protein, fruits and veggies, etc. No bad carbs or extra sugars, little processed food. I workout 6 days a week, with pretty intense workouts. I had been losing 1.75 pounds a week for 4 weeks prior to starting cellucor super hd, then after the first week of taking it I actually gained half a pound. Which could be a number of things so I won't blame it on the cellucor. But my weight loss has slowed down a lot, and I've kept everything consistent. Yes my body is adjusting, but isn't that the whole purpose of taking this? I didn't get the energy from this that I was expecting to either. I feel the same throughout the day, and still get really tired. The first couple days I was a little jittery, and had quite a few trips to the bathroom, so be prepared for that if you take this for the first time. But that went away quickly. I take 2 capsules a day, and the one time I tried taking 3 I was up until 4am. So I won't be doing that again. Overall I'm pretty disappointed, thought I was going to be able to atleast lose 2 lbs a week with help from cellucor considering I was pretty close without it. it's important to remember that everyone's body reacts different to stuff like this. So I will probably not buy this again and try a different brand.

  • lisa royster - love being able to see college sports from this side ...

    I love being able to see college sports from this side of the United States. Before, I saw a few games from schools close to us here and there but primarily east coast etc sports. I also like the content, i like media day etc. I was expecting the show to be more "local public television" style, but it is done really well. They have docu-shows following specific football teams, they have post game reports, weekly reports, the analysts are professional. You get to know about different student-athletes, alumni, current students etc. You learn so much about the colleges. They cover just about every sport they can.