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  • David A. Graves - But live ones do

    After all those autopsies on animals and people what more proof do you need. Doctors are lying to us to line their own pockets. It's all about the money. We would be safer going to a Vet. than a human doctor. With no insurance or money most won't even try to help. But if you have a lot of money or really good insurance they have plenty of procedures for you for all the new diseases you now have. Mostly caused by the food additives we eat or the pills we take. Don't worry once the side effects of your medication kick in they have a new pill for you. God help us!

  • doogie_esq - Why You Should and Should Not Buy This Product

    So obviously you're reading this hoping to understand why you should buy this product and why you shouldn't. And you've read a bunch of reviews and there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. Seem's either people hate it and tell you to beware, or love it and highly recommend it.... so you're confused....correct?

  • legallyfabulous - No results.

    I bought both the scrub and the cream. I am almost done with both containers and have not seen any real results. I am 22 years old and I have only recently started to see cellulite in my thighs. This product did nothing for me. It was a waste of money.