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  • Tyler Davidson - Best investment I've made in a long time

    Best investment I've made in a long time. This game really works with you. It can tell exactly what you're playing exactly when you play it. The lessons really teach you the techniques of guitarists, and are quite challenging, which is what makes you better. I would recommend this to ANYONE, no matter their age, or how good/bad they are at guitar. If you're wondering whether to buy it or not, BUY IT. If you can make the commitment, get it.

  • andrew t. - Buggy Launch

    No doubt you have read reviews about the time period this takes place in. But I want to review the actual gameplay and my experience;

  • Timothy J McMullen - Awesome shake

    I have tried COUNTLESS meal replacements and protein powders over this years. This one tastes the best. Theres just no other way to put it. Its near a dessert for me, and it makes my diet SO SO much easier. I use this 1-22 times per day, do 2-30 minutes of workout per day with weights, then take my atrafex 

  • Andrea King - Must have for gassy babies!!

    Bought this after seeking help with my gassy baby. I kept reading what might cause her fussiness (uncontrollable crying) later in the evening, and crying during the day while cringing her body. After giving her these drops, her tummy pains are so much better. We started around 4 weeks and she is now 10 weeks. We have not missed a day. Must have for gassy babies!!

  • Victarion - I love it

    Admittedly I have never used any other Microsoft Outlook version before. I had a little bit of troubles getting my email accounts linked to it. First my hotmail account made me download an extra program then I had to tweak a few of my settings on my gmail account in order to get them syncing smoothly. It wasn't too difficult though, I just looked it up on and there were good instructions. I spent about 30 minutes getting them set up.

  • NULL - A very poor software after TI 2009.

    I've used TI for years, but I have given up on it. I have no idea what happened over at Acronis, but they are currently incompetent. If you do a search on Google for "True image corrupt image" you'll see an ocean of complaints. I can add to that too. I've been backing up my computers religiously for over two years. Just now, I needed to restore. Using TI 2011, all of the images were corrupted for all computers over four different hard drives. Come on now Acronis. You're telling me that all of my computers have some hardware fault or the back up drives all have some mechanical failure? I don't think so.