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The Innovation Firm - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Boston IP Law Firm, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Litigation - Located in Concord and Boston, Massachusetts, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds is an intellectual property law firm, offering full-service IP solutions across a broad spectrum of industries in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, agreements, IP disputes/litigation, and post-grant proceedings. Our attorneys, patent agents, and technology specialists are trained in the cutting edge of the following technology areas: chemistry, biotechnology, computer hardware and software, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, physics, optics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, clean energy, polymer science, and electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering.

  • http://www.hbsr.com/about_the_firm/firm-overview Boston Law Firm Specializing in Patent, Copyright, Trademark - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Our expertise in the full spectrum of Intellectual Property services, including patents, design patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, agreements, counseling and IP disputes, along with the scientific and technical knowledge of our staff allows us to deliver exceptional service while solving complex legal issues. Our attorneys, patent agents, and technology specialists are trained in cutting edge technology areas.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/about_the_firm/our-practice Intellectual Property Protection Legal Strategies, Due Diligence, Patents, Trademarks - Hamilton Bro - We design intellectual property protection strategies by taking into account not only the nature of the underlying technology, but also strategic considerations and specific business objectives.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/about_the_firm/diversity Commitment to Diversity, Women Lawyers, Minority Attorney Advancement - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynold - Our firm recognizes the value of diversity in its workforce at all levels. In serving a highly diverse client base, we look to emulate the wealth of their varied backgrounds with a staff built on the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/about_the_firm/pro-bono Pro Bono Legal Services - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - We support the profession�s commitment to public service through its attorneys� voluntary, pro bono efforts. Firm sanctioned pro bono efforts must be limited to the practice of intellectual property law and be provided by, or supervised by, a shareholder of the firm.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/our_people/index Our People - Directory - Intellectual property law firm in Boston area practicing in all areas of intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing and litigation with expertise in a wide range of technologies.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/agreements Agreements, Nondisclosure, Consulting, Noncompetition - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Well-structured contracts are vital for protecting intellectual property (IP) rights, from the conception of inventions through their monetization. At each stage in the process, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds attorneys have the expertise to construct the contractual arrangements necessary to secure and protect the value of a client�s intellectual property rights.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/copyrights Copyrights, Opinions, Copyright Use and Licensing Agreements - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Protection for copyrights in works of authorship and artistic expression can be critical to the success of a company.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/counseling Counseling, Auditing, Due-Diligence, Opinions - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds designs strategies to protect intellectual property by taking into account not only the nature of the underlying technology, but also the legal considerations and business objectives of the client. The goals, finances, and nature of the client, as well as its market and competitors, are important considerations.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/design-patents Design Patents, Design-Around Strategies, Design Rights - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - We have expertise in advising companies on strategies for deciding between utility patent coverage and design patent coverage. We know how to mix and match or combine design patent rights, utility patent rights, copyrights, and trade dress to create the greatest value to your company.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/ip-litigation IP Litigation, Enforcement, Infringement, Alternative Dispute Resolution - Hamilton Brook Smith Reyn - When litigation and other IP enforcement controversies arise, experienced trial lawyers at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds are ready to protect and advance the interests of clients, both as plaintiffs and as defendants. Our firm has a proven record in litigation representing clients that range from Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in dispute to individuals with modest amounts at stake but who can constitute �bet the company� disputes. In addition to representing clients in Massachusetts federal and state courts, our firm's litigators have been lead counsel in cases in New Hampshire, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, California, Illinois, and elsewhere around the country.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/licensing Licensing, Technology Transfer - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds has extensive experience in all aspects of licensing and other technology transfer transactions. To meet the individual needs of clients in as efficient a manner as possible, the firm tailors its role on a case-by-case basis. Services run the gamut from providing consultation on a single intellectual property-related aspect of a larger transaction to participating as a full member of the team that handles the transaction from the initial nondisclosure agreement and letter of intent through the negotiation, drafting, and execution of the final documentation.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/patents Patent Protection, Patent Prosecution, Due Diligence, Opinions - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - The patent process is complex. What distinguishes Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds from others is the depth of our scientific and technological knowledge, the creativity of our professionals, and our commitment to understanding your business goals. We are committed to help you obtain the high-quality patent protection necessary for the growth and success of your business. Our attorneys counsel Fortune 500 companies, middle-market companies, start-ups, and individual inventors. We also have a long history of working with research departments at universities and fully understand challenges unique to those settings. Our long-term client relationships speak to our superior technical knowledge and excellence in patent prosecution.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/post-grant-proceedings Post-Grant Proceedings, Post-Grant Review, Inter Partes Review, IPR, Covered Business Method Review - The America Invents Act (AIA) created new procedural options for addressing issues of patent validity. Now it is more important than ever that adversary matters be entrusted to practitioners who are well versed in the nuances of patent examination procedure, including Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) practice, and are litigation savvy. Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds has those capabilities, and we work cooperatively with clients to take advantage of all available options to achieve the desired result.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/trade-secrets Trade Secrets, Agreements, Invention Assignment - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Confidential business or technical information that has economic value � including customer lists, software, formulas, manufacturing processes, and unpatentable inventions � may be protectable as a trade secret. However, use of trade secret rights to protect the value of confidential information requires the consistent implementation of various security procedures and practices. Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds will work with you to develop strategies to maximize the protection for your trade secrets.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/practices/trademarks Trademarks, Trademark Adoption, Infringement, Freedom-to-use, Oppositions, Licensing - Hamilton Broo - We guide our clients in cost-effective strategies for clearance of marks in their particular industries. The markets and the way the mark is to be used determine the level of searching that is warranted. Through our firm's extensive experience in performing such searches, you can feel confident that your adoption of a mark is in good faith and that the prosecution of the trademark through to registration will be streamlined.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/bioinformatics Bioinformatics - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Bioinformatics weaves together numerous disciplines, including computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering. Many attorneys at Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds have advanced degrees and industry experience in these areas, enabling us to assemble a specific team based on the technology to be patented.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/biologics-immunotherapies Biologics and Immunotherapies - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - We have deep experience in the patent prosecution of biologics and immunotherapy inventions including commercial products, as well as in litigation and administrative adversarial proceedings such as interferences, reexaminations, and European opposition proceedings. We also have extensive knowledge regarding the international patenting of biologics and related issues, including biosimilars. Our team has assisted in successfully obtaining supplementary protection certificates extending European patent terms for biologics. We can provide strategic intellectual property counseling on biosimilars. Our experts have been invited to present at national and international conferences on antibodies, biosimilars, and related biotechnology topics. Our firm is also able to handle litigation needs in the area of biologics and immunotherapies.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/biotechnology Biotechnology and Life Sciences - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Our attorneys have strong scientific backgrounds; many have advanced degrees in biology, molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, physiology, cell and developmental biology, biochemistry, epidemiology and biostatistics, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, and biological and computational chemistry. Several of our attorneys also have done research at both small and large pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/business-methods Business Methods - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - The law regarding business method patents is constantly evolving. Our patent professionals follow these legal developments closely and have extensive legal experience with patenting business method innovations. Our highly trained professionals have the technical expertise and experience that enable us to work with clients on identifying innovations in their business practices that are suitable for patent protection in the U.S. and other countries, where available.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/chemical-engineering Chemical Engineering - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - As the frontiers of chemical engineering continue to advance, members of our legal staff keep pace with clients� objectives by understanding their technology and by aggressively protecting the full scope of each client's technical achievements.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/chemistry Chemistry - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Our extended base of education and experience matches the broad reach of these fields. Legal experts at our firm have earned academic degrees and been employed in the fields of organic and physical chemistry, biological and computational chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and biology.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/clean-energy Clean Technology - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - We assist established companies, start-ups, venture capitalists, and investors in assessing and investing in emerging clean energy technologies. Our clients benefit from our education and valuable industry experience. Many members of our legal staff have earned advanced technical degrees and have gained valuable industry experience in chemistry, material sciences, computer science, physics, and chemical, electrical, mechanical, and genetic engineering. We also remain active in the clean energy industry, such as with the CleantechCommittee of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/computer-hardware Computer Hardware - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - This complex field requires intensive technical concentration for sound intellectual property protection. Our attorneys practicing in this area hold scientific degrees specifically in electrical and computer engineering, applied mathematics and computer science, or physics. Many have advanced degrees in these fields and/or extensive hands-on experience from being employed as electrical or software engineers.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/software Computer Software - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Inventions that involve subject matter related to software present unique challenges because of the nature of software. Our attorneys are familiar with those challenges and understand the techniques necessary to obtain the patent protection you need.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/electrical-engineering Electrical Engineering - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Electrical engineering involves the development of technologies through the application of the physics and mathematics of electricity and electromagnetism. The field of electrical engineering encompasses a vast range of technology, from tiny integrated circuits to large power generation and transmission systems.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/internet-things Internet of Things - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a network of devices – things – of all types. The devices include electronic sensors and network connectivity that enable these devices to sense and collect data and to exchange that data. Generally, the term IoT refers to distributed systems that gather information, use that information to make control decisions, and apply the control decisions, all through communications conveyed across a network infrastructure (e.g., the Internet). A related term, “Machine to Machine” (M2M), refers to communication between devices of the same or similar types. M2M is commonly understood to be a subset of IoT.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/material-sciences Material Sciences - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds applies experience in material sciences to assist inventors in obtaining patent protection in several fields.
  • http://www.hbsr.com/technologies/mechanical Mechanical Engineering - Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds - Our firm�s attorneys have prosecuted applications for a myriad of mechanical devices. The technical experience and training of our legal staff spreads across numerous mechanical fields, including aerospace, automotive, heavy industrial machinery, clean energy, and fastener technology. Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds also has industry experience, including working commercial and military aviation, building manufacturing machinery, and developing software to run power turbines.

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    I purchased a Navien CR 240 a couple of years ago, and there have been numerous breakdowns of one sort or another since then, The company website says these problems are mostly due to incorrect installation, but that excuse does not fly. Essentially they are making products that are so complicated and full of holes that not only local repairmen cannot figure them out, but even Navien's own tech support is stumped. Since when did it become necessary to have a gadget that reads out more than 40 error codes just to heat up water? And since when did hot water heaters require such expensive maintenance every year, not to mention the hundreds I've spent on repairs that do not really repair? Right now I'm dealing with a nightmarish issue where we are far from home and are renting out our house. The Navien keeps breaking down. I believe I'm going to just swallow my pride and financial loss and replace the Navien with a regular old tank heater. I won't even bother with trying to get money back through warranties: as you can see from other reviews, that would be uncertain and extremely stressful. Yes, Naviens are a BIG mistake. I suggest the company go out of business, but before they do, they should correct an error in the description of their products: They are THANKLESS hot water heaters, and not tankless.

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