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  • Arif - Excellent guide to get you in the game.

    Kelly takes you step by step through how to approach investing, using strategies of the very successful as well as easy to follow examples of why and how each strategy works. I've already started on my way and will be using this book as a reference till it becomes second nature.

  • Andrew Guadagno - My first exterior mod :-)

    This was my first exterior mod, after the carwash ruined the stock one.. my fault I went through the carwash on multiple occasions and it survived but one time it didnt :( sad days. However this antenna works great. It is fully functional and I personally think it goes much better with the car than the stock one. I havent had any problems with reception but then again I am in the DFW area. Though I've driven to NY and still didn't have a problem with reception. I recommend this product. The Stubby!

  • Amazon Customer - I went to the bathroom and it hurt really bad peeing and then I bled

    I took it for my first time today before lunch, I ate then rode my bike for an hour, came back, I went to the bathroom and it hurt really bad peeing and then I bled. I know its nothing else. Im not sure if this happened to anyone else but it was really painful. I am throwing it away!

  • RENEE - Highly Recommended

    Just finished the 21 days. I feel GREAT!! Lost about 9 pounds. Feel really good. More energy and definitely healthier. I am planning on continuing with the program on my own and maintaining the recommended diet plan. I introduced chicken and fish on day 11 as recommended. I'm not eating any red meat or any processed foods. It makes an amazing difference. After two weeks I could feel ra difference in my skin, especially my face. I'm sure it has to do with not only the healthy diet, but all of the water that I'm drinking. I highly recommend this product. Remember to drink a lot of water. Thank you for my life change!!