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  • Michelle O - but didn't like the chemicals

    Make sure to shake up the bottle before every use. I have noticed a difference in the last 3 weeks of use. My thinning and mild hair loss was due to medication and stress. I used another product before this one, but didn't like the chemicals. I am thankful to have found a very natural shampoo that actually works.

  • wehooper - Big box of promise

    Fist thing: The box is HUGE. Like seriously, it's the second biggest thing in my entertainment center and one could build a HTPC that's just as fast in a box this size. You couldn't do it for this price though, and it wouldn't be this quiet. You literally cant here the box when it's on, and I have it air starved under a little shelf.

  • Tim P. Essebaggers - no wonder horses look so good

    I had heard about this product from farmer Friend is mine but never could quite wrap my mind around buying it for using on my hair. However I was talked into it, I bought a bottle, & I really like the way it lathers and cleans my hair. Also, it has a very nice scent.

  • Wayne McGillacutty - Very nice switch, feels substantial

    Very nice switch, feels substantial, not cheap, looks durable and the graphics are crisp and clean. The enclosed directions and schematics make everything regarding this swithch a no brained, I'm ordering more in the future.

  • Amanda Whitley - Wanted To Love It

    To my great dismay, this stuff flares up my asthma! I had read the other reviews about this happening, but I hopeful it wouldn't bother me. Well, it did.. I tried it again several different times after my coughing and tightness cleared, but it happened again right after using this stuff. I'm going to try some other kind of oil (and drop it into toilet instead of doing a spray). Be aware, even for non- allergy sufferers, this stuff is really, really strong and will smell like you doused your bathroom in lemon pledge!