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Highland Medical, P.C. - Highland Medical, P.C., builds collaborative partnerships with respected physicians to ensure continued excellence in patient care.

  • http://www.highlandmedicalpc.com/highland/press/you-shouldn-t-have-to-live-with-uncontrolled-asthma You Shouldn’t Have to Live With Uncontrolled Asthma - October 1, 2016: David Hodes, M.D., Palisades Pulmonary & Medical PCIf you continue to have asthma symptoms even though you are taking medication, talk to your doctor about finding a different treatment. There is, most often, little reason why anyone with asthma who is a nonsmoker and on appropriate treatment should not be fully controlled.
  • http://www.highlandmedicalpc.com/highland/press/breast-cancer-screening-your-questions-answered Breast Cancer Screening: Your Questions Answered - September 23, 2016: Robbi Kempner, M.D., F.A.C.S., Medical Director, Breast and Women's Health Prevention Services, Highland Medical, P.C.
  • http://www.highlandmedicalpc.com/highland/press/know-your-cholesterol-levels-to-improve-your-heart-health Know Your Cholesterol Levels to Improve Your Heart Health - September 14, 2016: New York Cardiologist, David Southren, MD, with Advanced Cardiovascular Care in Valley Cottage, NY, a member of Highland Medical, P.C., and Director of Cardiology, Nyack Hospital.It is common knowledge that elevated blood cholesterol levels are not healthy—it is one of the main factors (along with high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking, leading to a lifetime risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • http://www.highlandmedicalpc.com/highland/dr-arthur-appel-nephrology Dr. Arthur Appel Nephrology - Our ServicesMeet Our DoctorsNew Patient FormsArthur E. Appel, M.D., F.A.C.P., is a board-certified internist. He takes care of patients with both acute and chronic medical problems. He teaches wellness and good health and promotes preventive care. Dr. Appel is also a subspecialist in nephrology.
  • http://www.highlandmedicalpc.com/highland/pearl-river-internal-medicine Pearl River Internal Medicine - Our ServicesMeet Our DoctorsNew Patient FormsHighland Medical internists are experts in treating patients with common and rare diseases, and in managing care for the chronically ill.

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  • Cathy M. Mistovich - Appeals to wide range if skill levels and interests.

    Like the variety that appeals to a wide range of golf skills and new interactive feature for instruction pieces. Like the interviews as well.

  • Amazon Customer - Wanted the extra features

    Google Maps, Bing maps, etc. just don't have all the features this software has. I like it for route planning and adding stops is really easy. Also like the excel import feature for when I have a long list of addresses. I downloaded the trial version from Microsoft and for whatever reason it was cheaper ordering the physical DVD-ROM over a digital download and entering the serial number from it to the trial to activate it.

  • chrissy - Be careful and be warned

    I did not buy this from amazon, but at walmart. But still, it did work great for my hair. I used to always pull a wad of hair out of my brush every time I brushed my hair, I dont even know how I had any hair left on my head after all the hair that would come out on my brush every day. After about 6 weeks of taking a daily 10,000mcg pill there was hardly any hair coming out on the brush, it was great! HOWEVER!! that was about 10 months ago. 5 months ago I felt a lump on my breast so I went for a mamagram and it turned out to be just a benign fluid filled cyst (thankfully) but now this cyst has surfaced into an angry painful infected cyst. I went back to the doctor and had a breast exam and she says I also have a left polycystic breast. I've never had a cyst before in my life and my yearly mamagrams have never shown cysts before either. Then I remembered reading some reviews about biotin and how some people had been getting cycsts after taking it. Mabey its a coincidence, but I will never take it again. So its up to you. I'm just giving a heads up on what seems to be a side effect for some people. Just for your own info.

  • A. Moore - A little disapointed

    I bought this to fix a plastic knight's hand and sword. It didn't work. Maybe it wasn't intended for this use? I'm sure I can use it for other things though. I know plastic toys are a tough fix.

  • A. Crain - I own two! (A review after nearly two years.)

    I bought my first roomba 770 nearly two years ago. We had just bought a 1600+ sq. ft. condo with both wood flooring and carpet. At the time we had both a cocker spaniel and a borzoi/afghan hound mix. Let's just say, those are both VERY hairy dogs. Have you SEEN an afghan hound?? haha.

  • Barbara A. Lynn - Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2011

    Upgraded from 2009 version as I was having a problem with it. The 2011 version took care of the problem.