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Aprenda como acabar e eliminar a sua celulite - Artigo completo que ensina como acabar com a celulite rapidamente sem sair de casa. Métodos que funcionam de maneira incrível!

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  • Candie - Cantu please.

    Cantu please. I adore this leave in. I went. natural back in 2012. I had used treseme naturals conditioner as a leave in but it made my hair dry. So I was on the hunt for something better. Both of m sisters said that they really liked cantu, so I went online and I read that it doesn't mix well with other products. Because of that i didn't buy it. By the end of May 2013, I broke down and bought it. OMG i am so glad that i did because it is fantastic. It mixed well with my other products too. My hair was so soft and fluffy. Bouncy and great curl definition. It's 2015 and we're still together. That says a lot.

  • Experienced buyer - Just dance is fun!

    Just dance, do not say a word! lol! It is a fun game and it is really cheap when you buy online with amazon. They have a lot new songs like get lucky, where have you been,etc. You can dance with all the dancers around the world and share the moments with each other.

  • Mark Twain - Blizzard Doesn't Care About a Fun Experience

    Before I go into why I am so disappointed in this game, I will begin with the good. Not everything that Blizzard was awful... just most of it.

  • Alfred Bessette - Don't be fooled!

    Don't be fooled by this product! It is simply a cheap electric razor/trimmer with a light. The Sensalight technology does not remove hair; the razor/trimmer does and it does not take the hair down to the skin. I don't know who wrote all the positive reviews on this product, but they are wrong. Please don't waste your time and money on this product. I have requested a refund from the seller.

  • Chalee - OMG! I LOVE IT!!

    Wow! This side sleeper has done some miraculous things for my back and neck. I don't wake up all kinked up anymore, which is great! Especially with two little babies! This is such a great pillow and I can't believe this was my first one. It's been a lifesaver for me. I definitely plan on buying one for my husband because right now, we fight over it! Lol. The only thing I need now are some pillow covers that match my bedding! I highly recommend this pillow to any side sleepers out there. It's amazing!

  • Ray Graham - A Mat for Every Workbench

    This is an excellent cutting mat that is very self-healing. I keep it on my workbench, and it has been impervious to many different kinds of spills and spatters. The measuring increments marked on the mat make square cuts very easy and quick. It has protected my workbench from many accidental knife and exacto-knife cuts. Even with heavy pressure I have not cut all the way through the mat. Even if you are not a crafter, I recommend this for any workbench.

  • Laura Hancock - Worth every penny

    As somebody who only has one kidney, protecting the health of my urinary tract is important to me. I had never been particularly prone to UTIs before, but this past year I had a couple of nasty incidents. After dealing with excruciating pain and and an expensive trip to the doctor's in order to rectify the problem, two words cropped up in my head: never again.