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iMedX | Leader in Health Information & Clinical Documentation - At iMedX we combine experienced transcriptionists and innovative technology to provide the highest quality medical coding, transcription and consulting services.

  • https://www.imedx.com/careers.html iMedX | Medical Coding & Transcription Careers - iMedX is one of the leading providers of health information and clinical documentation in the United States. Learn about joining our team.
  • https://www.imedx.com/contact-us.html iMedX | Contact Us - Find contact information for iMedX departments, including sales, support, media and help desk.
  • https://www.imedx.com/medical-coding.html iMedX | Medical Coding Services - Partner with iMedX to ensure that your receivables are not negatively impacted by a delay in coding. Learn more about our coding services.
  • https://www.imedx.com/remote-medical-coding.html iMedX | Remote Medical Coding - iMedX remote medical coding services are performed by professional coding specialists who are dedicated to their careers and maintain a current knowledge of industry changes.
  • https://www.imedx.com/coding-core-measures.html iMedX | Coding Core Measures - iMedX partners with you to become an off-site member of your team, completing your concurrent or retrospective abstraction in a timely and effective manner.
  • https://www.imedx.com/abstraction-services.html iMedX | Abstraction Services - We offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house abstraction which allows you to reallocate your resources, and utilize enhanced abstraction data.
  • https://www.imedx.com/clinical-data-registries.html iMedX | Clinical Data Registries - iMedX has the proven processes, the leadership and certified resources to empower your providers to excel in their pay for performance programs.
  • https://www.imedx.com/hedis-pqrs.html iMedX | HEDIS & PQRS - iMedX has experience, certified resources and technical know-how to help you not just abstract and report but also improve your HEDIS and PQRS scores.
  • https://www.imedx.com/medical-transcription.html iMedX | Medical Transciption Services - At iMedX, we combine deep transcription expertise with leading technology to deliver a solution that is both high-performance and cost effective for our clients.
  • https://www.imedx.com/our-solutions.html iMedX | Transcription Solutions - iMedX provides intra-sourcing and outsourcing solutions for medical transcription that can turn the tide to see a positive impact in your organization.
  • https://www.imedx.com/transcription-approach.html iMedX | Our Transcription Approach - iMedX fuses industry-leading technology with the qualified people to formulate precision in the process providing a level of service unachievable with software alone.
  • https://www.imedx.com/transcription-technology.html iMedX | Medical Transcription Technology - iMedX Express provides clients with an effective blend of speed, flexibility and reliability. Unlike many other vendors, we build, own, and support our own technology.
  • https://www.imedx.com/transcription-resources.html iMedX | Transcription Resources - View the latest ebooks, whitepapers and case studies on Consulting from iMedX.
  • https://www.imedx.com/medical-revenue-consulting.html iMedX | Medical Revenue Cycle Management Consulting Services - When hospitals and physician practices take advantage of our medical revenue cycle management expertise, one of the most important results is peace of mind.
  • https://www.imedx.com/continuous-coding-quality-monitoring.html iMedX | Continuous Coding Quality Monitoring - iMedX’s coding review program is custom designed to identify persistent coding error patterns specific to your organization and address the problem areas.
  • https://www.imedx.com/chargemaster-review.html iMedX | Medical CDM Review and Consulting - G2N's experienced consultants accomplish compliance risk reduction within the medical coding mess through a customized CDM maintenance program.
  • https://www.imedx.com/continuation-services.html iMedX | Hospital Revenue Cycle Consulting Continuation Services - iMedX's Continuation Services allows providers to have access to revenue cycle experts on an ongoing basis to help maximize your company's financial success.
  • https://www.imedx.com/market-price-analysis.html iMedX | Medical Coding Consulting, Guidelines, and Market Analysis - iMedX performs strategic market price analysis to set limits on price changes & pricing decisions in the healthcare industry. Call for a consultation.
  • https://www.imedx.com/physician-practice-solutions.html iMedX | Medical Coding for Physicians Offices - iMedX offers coding services including remote medical coding, coding audits, coding evaluation, backlog coding, coding training, physician education, and revenue cycle management services.
  • https://www.imedx.com/revenue-cycle-consulting.html iMedX | Medical Revenue Cycle Consulting - iMedX offers Medical Revenue Cycle Consulting services to providers from expert consultants in order to maximize net revenue.
  • https://www.imedx.com/core-measure-abstraction.html iMedX | Core Measure Abstraction - iMedX’s trained abstractors are your resource for abstraction, feedback and education. Your dedicated account representative is available to you any time to help meeet your goals.
  • https://www.imedx.com/special-projects.html iMedX | Medical Coding Consulting on Special Projects - iMedX offers a variety of expertise in significant practical hospital experience to our clients through a broad spectrum of special project capabilities.
  • https://www.imedx.com/coder-review-technology.html iMedX | Coder Review Technology - iMedX code review technology automates reviews and integrates with your EMR, while also identifying specific areas that the coders repeatedly have issues.
  • https://www.imedx.com/education-training.html iMedX | Education - iMedX’s educational training programs are designed to maximize learning and retention, minimize productivity loss and increase mastery of ICD-10. Learn more.
  • https://www.imedx.com/imedx-university.html iMedX | iMedX University | Online ICD-10 & CPT Training - iMedX University is an online learning management system (LMS) for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT. FInd out more.
  • https://www.imedx.com/about-imedx.html iMedX | About iMedX - iMedX offers a full suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions including medical transcription, medical coding services and data analytics.
  • https://www.imedx.com/humanology.html iMedX | Humanology - iMedX's unique Humanology approach provides level of critical thinking, problem solving, and logic that is unattainable with technology alone.
  • https://www.imedx.com/leadership-team.html iMedX | Leadership Team - iMedX is led by the most experienced and accomplished team in the health information industry. Our passion for service and dedication to precision comes from our leadership team.
  • https://www.imedx.com/service-excellence.html iMedX | Service Excellence - Through our team approach, employees at every level, including top level management, contribute to the ideas and initiatives that move our company forward.

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