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Isramworld | Tours to Jordan, Egypt, Greece, EasternEurope, Asia, Central America and South America - Isram World of Travel was founded in1967 by a group of enterprising Americans. In the past three decades,the company has expanded its horizons to encompass some of the world'smost extraordinary destinations.

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  • machone - Wilson Volleyball

    Fun product if you saw the movie Castaway. Now this is not to be used as a tournament volleyball but our team simply uses it as a mascot or conversation item when it sits on our bench. Everyone gets a kick out of it and it came at a really good price.

  • Genryu - Free your mind - take the red pill

    This is probably the first VR experience for most of you reading this, so here are my thoughts on what to expect: the good, the bad, and ultimately whether it's worth giving VR and Sony a shot. There's a comparison to Oculus and HTC Vive below for those who are curious as well as a TLDR at the bottom.

  • Norman Mier - Horrid

    Long ago I owned a Roxio product. It was very difficult to use then. Roxio was so difficult to use that I deleted the program. Here years later I needed a DVD Video program so I bought Roxio thinking that they must have improved it and Roxio was being pushed by the PC manufacture. Well it is still too difficult to use. It is terrible. Buy something else.

  • J Hamilton - Works Great and I'm a heavy user

    Like everyone else, I said if this worked I would write a review. Well, it did. I followed Nadia's directions to the T. I was clean for 16 days before the test, and started drinking water and cranberry juice 2 days before. The night before the test, I bought two at home drug test and failed the first one. The next day, after drinking the Carbo, I took the other test about an hour after and passed. Then I went and took the drug test at a lab and passed.