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  • Christina A. Roth - Perfect hair removal system!

    I love this product! This is the only way I remove my upper lip and chin facial hair now. To describe myself, I have fine, very light blonde hair on my face, interspersed with some individual dark coarse hairs on my chin, which I cannot stand. I'm constantly plucking those buggers. When I first started removing facial hair, I got a upper lip and chin wax. Not good! My face was super red afterwards and makeup just irritated it. My fair skin only made the waxed areas appear worse. The other less expensive hair removal creams didn't improve the situation...that's how I found out I was allergic to Nair. Then Olay introduced this gem.

  • Philip W Wong - great way to interact with dogs remotely

    I was an early backer of Furbo through Indiegogo. it seemed like clever way to keep and eye on of my dogs. I have to work late sometimes and my dogs don't like being left alone at home for very long. Furbo also offered other some nice features like night vision, bark alerts, ability to give my dog treats, iphone app, two-way audio. I received it yesterday, the setup was pretty simple and straight forward, just need plug in, fill with treats and download the app from the App Store to setup the wifi connection. Treat dispensing feature is nice, my dog waits by the Furbo when she hears the sound before the treat is fired. The bark alert works pretty well, i know when the mailman comes everyday now. Audio and video are good quality, you can also take pics with the app. If you want to check on your pets while you aren't home, Furbo is a clever way to do it. Highly recommended!

  • Valery Kolesnikov - Bad design, leaking slush onto carpet

    Having spent $200+ on these liners, I expected them to solve the wet carpet problem in my Corolla. No such luck: they just gave me a false sense of security. After the long winter, I discovered that my carpet under the driver's side front and rear liners was SOAKING WET, with visible salt residue. Now I need to lift the entire carpet flooring to dry it out and get rid of the TERRIBLE STINK.


    This is the worst most cumbersome and poorly designed software ever and their customer service SUCKS! Do not buy this software! If you need help, you'll have to pay for support ... nice touch! Can't imagine this business model works and that people actually tolerate this!

  • Christopher N. Burton - Powerful and Quick

    Powered off some adhesive on the Harley Tour Pak that just did not want to cooperate. Did not seem to affect the paint

  • alanna - ... the chocolate chip cookie dough bar & it tastes great! love that it is low in sugar and ...

    i tried the chocolate chip cookie dough bar & it tastes great! love that it is low in sugar and fat but enough calories to satisfy my hunger for a snack. the texture is a little soft, making the bar really chewy, but other than that it was good. would buy again and try a different flavor.