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  • L. Green - Great Value- exact same textbook as the school uses!

    The same exact book my son is using at school and actually arrived in better condition than the one we had from them. Great value so my son doesn't have to carry it back and forth every day.

  • M.M. - Recent format is a shadow of the former version.

    The decision to tranform this book from its long standing text-reference form to this flashy watered down version was a major blunder. I recall volumes from the 70's to the turn of the 21st century as an awesome resource for disovering not just 'people' records, but those of nature and the universe as well. While past volumes were hundreds of pages of tightly packed information; you can't find most of the previous records in these current formats, nor is most the information available on their website. Here's an example, what's the coldest land temp. ever recorded? My 1999 book of world records had that info., but information like that seems to have been replaced by 'how many lightbulbs can a person break off a trampoline'. Interesting? Perhapse, but not at the extent of the wealth of information that seems to have been locked away forever by the current publishers. I miss the days when the Guiness Book of World Records was an indexed atlas more than its current form of a 'freak show'.

  • Evelyn - If you have Tonsiloliths (Tonsil Stones) or Halitosis (Bad Breath) you may want to invest in this TheraBreath Oral Rinse

    I actually started using TheraBreath back in 2013, after mom visited an ENT doctor. He suggested this to her because she had tonsiloliths, or tonsil stones, which actually cause Halitosis, also known as bad breath. She started using the TheraBreath oral rinse daily to rinse out all the holes in her tonsils, keeping her tonsils clean which left her without the bad breath.

  • Buyer - Hard to recommend at current price

    We purchased ours for $99 several months ago. I see that they now are being sold for just under $200. I have been experiencing some pangs of buyers remorse at the $99 value, and now I see it has essentially doubled in price. Part of the issue here is that the apps are not cheap. For example, games are $10 a pop and the "ultra" ebooks cost $20, so your first $200 now just gets your foot in the door.

  • nonnakjj - great supplemental program

    introduces phonics concepts in a clear and sound manner; good amount of repetition to reinforce learning but not so much that it becomes boring or students lose interest;

  • SunnyOcto - TV hangs well~ A few plastic parts~ perfect for my TV

    I have a guest bedroom that I was needing to get the TV up off the chest of drawers so when I came across this Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for 40-70" TVs up to 165 lbs with 9-feet Braided HDMI Cable I figured I would give it a try.