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Red Asistencial Juaneda - Hospitales y centros de salud con el mejor cuadro médico. Especialidades en plástica, estética, dental, fertility center, diálisis, ... - 902.888.552

  • http://www.juaneda.es/dental Juaneda Dental | Clínicas Dentales en Mallorca - Juaneda Dental, más de 14 clínicas dentales en Palma de Mallorca. Un equipo de dentistas y expertos en salud dental para ofrecerte el mejor tratamiento.

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  • Katie - I don't know how I lived without this!!!

    My initial thought when I saw this at bed bath and beyond was: who the heck would buy that thing, it is a cool idea but it can't possibly work. I thought it was basically just like a blender that would shoot out fruit paste, but after doing some research I decided to give it a try. This is AMAZING!!!! I just got this because I love ice cream but I am trying to be healthier. I was hesitant at first because really, what machine can take frozen fruit with no added sugar and make it into a magical sweet treat in your mouth. Um this one can!!! I honestly do not know how I have lived all of my life without this! I have had this for about a week and a half and between my roommates and I we have been using it daily. You just take frozen fruit, including either a banana or mango for texture, and push it through this machine and you have a delicious sweet treat that actually has the texture of ice cream. The texture is phenomenal! The banana gives it the extra added sugar to make it sweet heaven in your mouth. It is fast and I feel better eating fresh fruit than processed sugar and fat ladened ice cream. Honestly if someone handed me a bowl of this I wouldn't be able to tell that it was just fruit. It tastes so good. I am sure kids would love this too!

  • Harold H. - Web root's service to its customers

    I purchased the program to remove a virus that redirects every search to this site. This is fairly common, it appears because if you Google the site, many computers are affected by it, and there are recommendation that Web Root is the best method of removing it. I purchased the program and ran the scan and repair several times and it didn't even find the problem.

  • plyopowerd - Just Dance 2014 just keeps on partying

    Ubisoft hasn't done much to mess with their successful series. One big addition to 2014 is karaoke mode, which is on by default. Sing along with the song, the Kinect mike picks it up and you can build up "mojo" points to unlock more dance versions for each song (see below). So if you have kids, expect the walls to be shaking as they sing along with songs like Ghostbusters and YMCA.

  • SFC2207 - Access 2010

    Still learning the new Access but i find it easier to use than the old version and many more options.

  • Peggy S Havnes - Informational

    This guide to QuickBooks 2013 is very informational. You can follow the steps easily. I like having the manual to research information when I don't have internet available.

  • abhishek rana - Am not happy with the

    I received a product 4 days ago. The products have a nicefinishingbut...the charging ability of this product is slow...I tried my tab Asus memopad to get charge even after turning of and charging a tablet it takes 2hrs to come from 53% to 80% I was using abicon power bank with same capacity 15600amh use to charge fast then this. Am not happy with the product