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Kaipara Medical Centre – Doctors, GP's, General Practice for Hellensville and South Kaipara - Kaipara Medical Centre – Putting local health first – Te hau ora tua-tahi o awaroa – Focused on the best health outcomes for our patients and the South Kaipara community.

  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/what-we-do/ What we do - Kaipara Medical Centre we can offer our community a wide range of comprehensive medical and health related services. These include immunisations, blood tests, liquid nitrogen treatments, ear syringing, cervical smears, contraception injections, immigration and drivers license medicals, dressings and more.
  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/news/beneficiaries-urged-act-quickly/ Beneficiaries Urged To Act Quickly - Patients on medical related benefit urged to get medical certificate renewed in plenty of time.
  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/news/six-ways-make-most-your-gp-visit/ Six Ways To Make The Most of Your GP Visit - Make the most of the valuable time you have with your doctor at the Kaipara Medical Centre this winter.

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  • D. Meyer - A book for the 99%!!!

    I wish 99% of Americans would read this book!! It was hard to put down; filled with historical perspec tive, names, and data, which goes on to offer solutions. A real call to arms for those of us you cannot count themselves among the "Royalists." Well done, Mr. Hartmann.

  • Texas mom - AND be easy to switch from floor types as well

    After being a Bissell customer for years, I decided it was time for a change. We recently installed wood-look tile throughout our house except for the bedrooms (they remain carpeted- and our house is 3000 sq.ft), and I wanted a vacuum that would clean both types of floors, AND be easy to switch from floor types as well. I read many reviews of the different Shark vacuums, and decided to go with the Navigator Deluxe NV42 precisely because it did not have all the bells and whistles I would never use or need anyway. Just wanted a very basic, easy to maneuver vacuum with big time suction. This model does not have a hepa filter, which I've discovered lessens the suction power; it does not swivel, which sounds like a pain to deal with (to me anyway); and it does not have the lift-off feature, which I would never use either. The two issues I was nervous about was the fact that the floor head was only 9.5 inches (seemed so small!) and the lightweight of the vacuum, much lighter than I was used to (I figured this might mean less powerful). I had nothing to fear- the smaller head in fact saves time because I am not moving chairs and furniture as much in order to get into tight spaces, and this machine does an excellent job in sucking every piece of dust, dirt, and hair off of both carpet AND bare floor as I have two small shedding dogs and a family of 5 (does a great job on edges too). When vacuuming carpet you simply push the off/on button all the way back and push the head down with your foot- and your brush begins to spin (there's so much power the machine kind of jumps and begins to move forward). To change to hard floor, switch the button to the middle position, and the brush stops spinning and you're ready to go. Very easy and the most powerful vacuum I've ever owned, even though it is lighter and easy to control. Obviously some people use all of the gadgets, but simple, powerful, and basic works best for me. I'm not throwing money down the drain on technology that I really don't use- this more straightforward model of Shark was the best choice for me. My Bissells did a great job on carpets, but not so much with the bare floors and were very hard to maneuver. I'm a new Shark fan for sure!

  • david poulin - Stay away from AVAST. I had Avast a year ...

    Stay away from AVAST. I had Avast a year ago, had problems with my PC after installing an update, contacted avast, they hi-jacked my computer and want me to pay to fix it. I cancelled Avast brought my PC to be repaired. In December 2014 they emailed me about Auto Renew, I emailed them back and said absolutely do not Auto renew, they did anyway, cannot talk to a live person they hide behind the website. Waiting to hear from them, I am contacting my credit card company now. Beware of Avast.