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  • Brian J. Wing - Save your dollars for something else, these are just as good as Mopar OEM

    Regardless of the instructions included with these racks, the installation is fairly straightforward and simple. It took about 20 minutes to install on our 2014 Grand Cherokee and we just took our first trip up to Tahoe with a big storage box riding on the rails and the performance was great.

  • GoneShopping - Sugru, Sugru Everywhere

    Sugru joins the ranks of duct tape and WD-40...with these three things you should be able to fix almost anything! Sugru fixes all my woes. We've repaired or upgraded dishwasher rack wheels, children's silverware, device charging cords, a lamp, two chairs, several things in our motorhome, and so many more things that I cannot even think of. I've even made unique things to serve random needs. Sugru is great!

  • lakersfan - It came in a really nice package -- it was in a thin but strong ...

    I got this screen protector for my iPhone 6s. It came in a really nice package -- it was in a thin but strong plastic container. There was also a wet and dry cloth with it to clean my screen before putting on the screen protector. I like that they include this so I don't have to go find something to clean my screen with prior to putting the screen protector on, everything I need is right there. Unlike some other screen protectors, this one doesn't include a dust collector sticker, but that wasn't a big deal since they include the cloths to clean the screen. The box also has simple directions to put on the screen, and they were not at all complicated to understand. I was able to easily put on the screen protector on my phone. There are 2 little air bubbles left, but the box said those should go away in a couple days. The glass seems nice and sturdy (and I'm hoping I don't have to find out how well it works any time soon -- although I do drop my phone a little too often). I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest review.

  • laudip - Not the best PES game ever made

    i purchased this game because i am a huge fan of Pro Evolution Soccer and i really like the realistic feel provided by the previous game. PES 2014, what the hell where they thinking, the engine is still in progress or it is probably meant for the PS4. the garphics are really good but the players do not look like them. the African players look nothing like them which is really bad. if you want to buy this game because you like PES to death like me then you can buy it, but if you are looking for an updated roster for the current season and to continue where you left off from the previous PES games then don't buy it because this will look like crap to you. value your money and keep playing PES 2013 because it is a hundred times better than this game. hope this helps.

  • jennifer orsburn - Great product!!!

    It came on time with everything it said it would have. I love it! The only down side was the vacuum filter bag is small.