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  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/asbestos-mesothelioma Asbestos and Mesothelioma - Asbestos Claim Attorneys - Asbestos exposure has caused thousands of cases of mesothelioma; victims should speak to a mesothelioma and asbestos attorney as soon as possible about their claims.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/personal-injury/motor-vehicle-accidents/car-accidents Car Accidents - Auto Crash Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms - Car accidents occur everyday and those injured in auto crashes should always consult an attorney from a local law firm for information about their legal options.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/cerebral-palsy Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Attorneys - Lawyers - Learn about cerebral palsy, including the causes of the condition and how the disorder is diagnosed. If your child's cerebral palsy resulted from negligence, contact an attorney as soon as possible. A cerebral palsy lawyer can advise you of your legal rights.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/criminal-law Criminal Law - Felony & Misdemeanor - Criminal Defense Attorneys - If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, LawyerShop can assist you in finding a qualified criminal law attorney. In addition to our lawyer directory, we provide information about criminal law, including the types of crimes punishable by law and elements that make up a crime.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/personal-injury/dangerous-drugs Dangerous Drugs - Defective Drugs - Pharmaceutical Litigation - When the risks of taking a drug outweighs its potential benefits, the Food and Drug Administration will either recall the drug or issue new warnings about the dangers of the medication. Those that have been injured by a dangerous drug should consult a defective drug attorney as soon as possible.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/personal-injury/product-liability Product Liability Attorneys – Defective Product Lawyers & Lawsuits - Product liability law protects individuals who have been injured by an unsafe or defective product. If you have been injured by a defective product, it is important to consult an experienced product liability lawyer for an evaluation of your claim.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/family-law Family Law - Divorce and Adoption Law - Custody Law - Family law refers to the laws governing marriage, divorce, and adoption. There are a number of issues that typically need to be resolved under these laws. Hiring a family law attorney can help your case. Use our directory to find a family law lawyer near you.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/practice-areas/personal-injury Personal Injury Attorneys – Injury Lawsuit Lawyers - Personal injury law covers a range of practice areas and injury lawsuits, including auto accident, product liability, and medical malpractice litigation.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/invokana Invokana® Lawsuit - Dangerous Drugs - Invokana® Lawyer - Many diabetic patients who have been prescribed the drug Invokana® or other similar medications, have experienced complications, leading to the Invokana® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/defective-medical-devices/bair-hugger-surgical-warming-blankets Bair Hugger Lawsuit - Defective Medical Devices - Bair Hugger Lawyer - The use of surgical warming blankets during hip and knee replacement surgeries has led to an increase prevalence of deep joint infections. The Bair Hugger lawsuit is intended to aid these patients.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/defective-medical-devices/ivc-filters IVC Filter Lawsuit - Defective Medical Devices - IVC Filter Lawyer - Our legal experts explain all aspects of an IVC filter lawsuit and advise those who are affected on how to protect their legal rights.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/zofran Zofran Lawsuit - Dangerous Drugs - Zofran Lawyer - Many plaintiffs have come forward in the Zofran lawsuit after being prescribed the drug during pregnancy and having children who suffer from various birth defects.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/xarelto Xarelto® Lawsuit - Dangerous Drugs - Xarelto® Lawyer - The Xarelto® Lawsuit stems from the many adverse bleeding events that patients have experienced, and the manufacturers failure to inform the affected parties of the increased risk.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/taxotere Taxotere® Lawsuit - Alopecia - Hair Loss - Dangerous Drugs - Many patients who developed permanent alopecia (hair loss) after receiving chemotherapy treatment for certain types of cancer have filed claims in the Taxotere® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/defective-medical-devices/essure Essure® Lawsuit - Defective Medical Products - Essure® Lawyer - The Essure® lawsuit has arisen from complications that thousands of women have experienced after having the device implanted for permanent birth control.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/defective-medical-devices/hip-replacement Hip Replacement Lawsuit - Defective Medical Products - DePuy PINNACLE® - Patients who have experienced complications such as metallosis or implant failure have filed claims against the manufacturers in the hip implant lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/nexium Nexium® Lawsuit - Kidney Disease - Prilosec - Prevacid - An increased incidence of bone fractures, heart attacks, and kidney disease after taking heartburn medication has prompted many patients to file claims in the Nexium® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/defective-medical-devices/power-morcellators Morcellator Lawsuit - Defective Medical Devices - Uterine Cancer - Many women who developed uterine cancer after undergoing surgery using a controversial medical device have filed claims in the power morcellator lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/talcum-powder Talcum Powder Lawsuit - Ovarian Cancer - Defective Products - Failure to warn about the increased risk of developing ovarian cancer after using certain Johnson & Johnson products has led to may people filing claims in the talcum powder lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/zoloft Zoloft® Lawsuit - SSRI Lawsuit - Autism - Birth Defects - Recent studies have shown a link between pregnant women taking SSRI antidepressants and an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder, leading to the Zoloft® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/tylenol Tylenol® Lawsuit - Liver Failure - Defective Drugs - Tylenol® Lawyer - Concerns about accidental acetaminophen overdose and an increased risk of liver failure have led many to file claims in the Tylenol® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/actos Actos® Lawsuit - Dangerous Drugs - Diabetes Medication - Bladder Cancer - Diabetic patients who were prescribed Actos® may be at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer, which has led many to file claims in the Actos® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/onglyza Onglyza® Lawsuit - Dangerous Drugs - Heart Failure - Onglyza® Lawyer - An increased risk of heart failure and pancreatic cancer after taking diabetes medications has led many patients to file claims in the Onglyza® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/fluoroquinolones Levaquin® Lawsuit - Fluoroquinolone Lawsuit - Cipro® Lawsuit - Many patients have developed peripheral neuropathy after taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics, leading many to file claims in the Levaquin® lawsuit.
  • http://www.lawyershop.com/dangerous-drugs/viagra Viagra® Lawsuit - Melanoma - Skin Cancer - Defective Drugs - Over 45 million men have been prescribed the "little blue pill", but an increased risk of developing melanoma has led to many patients filing claims in the Viagra® lawsuit.
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