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  • Amazon Customer - Best investment

    This material exceeded my expectations. It's well worth the investment and I would recommend it to anyone taking the PCAT. It's straight forward material and much more helpful than any other study aids out there. Fast shipping and a great price for such valuable material. I would purchase this product again. Thank you.

  • ChristmasShopper - Not the same formula as years ago.

    I've been using this on my kids mostly as a shampoo not a body wash. I first used it about 4 years ago when my first son was born. I remember the formula being much "thicker". My first bottle lasted me 2 years!! When I went back to buy it again, it seemed like it changed to a "thinner" formulation and it didn't last nearly as long. I still love the light scent and it doesn't irritate my kids eyes or skin. Just taking off one star because the formula changed. Still a great product.

  • KarenHP - ***LOVE***

    I use this Lavender Essential Oil by Pure Body Naturals every night in my kids bedroom oil diffuser. My kids absolutely love the smell and I love using this oil in my kids room because they have trouble sleeping at night and this Lavender oil seems to do the trick. I also like putting few drops on cotton balls and leaving them in my car and also in my purse. The smell is just simply delightful, I highly recommend all of the products from Pure Body Naturals they are a really high quality products.

  • Whitney Hill - Don't trust a fart.

    I took this product and felt it working within 15 min. It works, just too fast for me! The third day was... Rapid and uncontrollable. Don't trust a fart while using this. I have taken Renew Life first cleanse and had great results, slower and more trustworthy. I gave it 3 stars because I believe it works, maybe a little well for me.

  • Daniel Baird - Disappointing First Impressions

    First impression...Registration during installation is Garbage (the installer has registration fields built-in). The installer doesn't allow you to tab between fields, or copy and paste into them (ie License Keys and Addresses.) And trying to submit the registration threw an error, so after a frustrating three pages of entering registration info, moving between fields with my cursor, it was all in vein as I had to start again. Sorry Intuit, you had your chance to capture my info so you can bombard me with worthless offers for payroll, checks, and loans.