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  • carrblack - Excellent product and user tips

    This kit worked exactly as it said it would. The yellowed, cloudy lights on my Toyota Sienna are now clear. The restoration process involves taping the areas around the headlights with the provided tape to protect the seal and paint. Then you spray the headlight generously with a liquid that makes the ugly yellow just run right off. After a 30 second soak, the light is rinsed then buffed in circular motions for 5 minutes with 400 grit sandpaper. Then rinsed and buffed for 5 minutes with 1000 grit sandpaper. Then rinsed and buffed for 5 minutes with 4000 grit sandpaper. Then rinsed and buffed for 5 minutes with a compound liquid and rinsed again. For two headlights, this equals 40 minutes of hand-buffing total. My arm was sore, and I recommend that you use a buffer if you have one. After the buffing is complete, the headlights are re-sprayed with the same liquid that was first used to remove the yellow. That's where my first glitch happened. The bottle states to spray the liquid generously when applying, so I did. There was also a breeze, and I lost some to the wind. In the end, I did not have enough of this solution to completely cover the second headlight. I had to pour out what was remaining in the bottle onto the headlight, and distribute the liquid gently with my finger. It did not affect the outcome of the restoration treatment. I assume I just applied too generously, and the breeze was too strong. After rinsing the liquid off of the headlights, removing the tape and completely drying them off, the lights are then treated with a UV protective clear coating that is like a thin lacquer and MUST be applied properly. You must moisten the edge of a folded cloth (provided in kit) with the liquid then move from the top of the headlight all the way down to the bottom of the headlight in long, continuous, slightly overlapping strokes. The same process as when painting fingernails, except that you use a folded cloth instead of a brush. Re-wet the cloth before each stroke. DO NOT RE-APPLY OR WIPE AGAIN AFTER YOU LAY DOWN THE COAT. That's where the second glitch came in to play. I made a mistake on the first headlight and missed covering a streak. Instead of touching up the streak, I reapplied the entire swipe, and it left more streaks. They are very light streaks, and you have to look very closely just to see them. It irritated the perfectionist in me, however, so on the second headlight, I slowed down the swipe process. I took time to do each swipe to perfection, and the headlight turned out looking like it is brand new. It takes 6-24 hours to dry, depending on the humidity in your area. You can't drive it while the lacquer sets, and you have to make sure to keep the lights bug-free and out of water or rain during that time. The local car wash and detail center wanted to charge $49.99 per headlight to do what this kit did. It's totally worth the time and effort.

  • John J - Works good, but wish for a slightly more

    I've only had The Flex Belt for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I'm digging it. I had been pondering getting something like this as I am a bit out of commission with a lot of core exercises due to a flair up of a chronic neck pain that I have been living with for many years now. So doing a quite a few of those exercises are out. This gives me something, at least. For an electric muscle stimulation gadget, it works quite well but doesn't have that feeling as if I'm being poked in the gut with a cattle prod, like the AbTronic did back in the day. Since my core is already pretty strong from the workouts that I am able to do, I can probably stand for a higher level of intensity, but do understand that there must be limits for safety. To compensate for this, I will go through all 10 cycles within my session of use for the day. I also wish that the movement from 0 to 150 would go a bit faster because I lack patience. But that is my problem, not the belts.

  • Geraldine Vizzerra - Could not figure out index.

    This bible is good but I could not figure out how to go directly from one chapter of the bible to another. I would have to go back to the index each time. A little bit slow, but much better than a hard copy of the bible.