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  • F G Keick - Great product - my skin loves it

    Initially received this as a gift - liked the description on the packaging so gave it a try. My skin really does well with this! Usually new, different, products (especially anti-aging ones) only last about 1 or 2 weeks before my skin decides it isn't working (small breakouts, etc). This stuff is really nice!

  • Lake Region Healthcare - Walkenbach is the best

    John Walkenbach is the best at writing a straightforward, yet complete reference for Excel 2010 users who want to go beyond basics. Excellent!

  • K. Hadley - Awesome and convenient!

    I bought two of these chairs for our twin girls. We were just going to use them for travel but I think we've found our new high chairs! They fit easily onto our counter top and table, are comfortable for the babies, and fold up nice and easy. Our girls are almost 5 months and have no problem sitting in these seats. I highly recommend this seat.

  • Jenny Jenkins - Cruel Disappointment -- and So Unnecessary

    Truly junk! My nieces and nephews had only heard of a Ouija board and as a kid, I had such fun with my own. The planchette would seem to slide on its own to answer such questions as "Does Mike Maloney really like me?" I owed it to the kids to share the experience, and its chills and thrills.

  • Nashville Typrgirl - Miracle product!

    I ran across this product at my local Walgreen's over a year ago, but they have now discontinued it and I had to look to Amazon to find it. It really is an amazing product for finer hair! And you really need less of the product than more, so the small bottle goes a long way. I have a shorter hairstyle and just spray the Supreme Lift in several places at the roots and then finger it through. Using a metal round brush when blow drying, this product gives my hair incredible volume and changes the texture in a way that holds my hairstyle all day instead of going flat just a short while later. I have traded all the pre-styling mousses and hair products for the Supreme Lift. I have yet to run across another product like it....give it a try! :)

  • Kelli C. - 57 STARS of Perfection

    Is it possible to give a book more than 5 Stars? Because I would...I should. Punk 57 could not be any better. It was start to finish pure perfection of genius writing with raw, gritty coming of age characters and a story so real it was painfully beautiful.

  • C M. - System doesn't work - instructions stink!!!

    The instructions are impossible to follow - lines are repeated making it tough to work them out. I was going to return it but thought I would keep trying to figure it out. I need a remote keyless entry system that WORKS and so far this just ain't it!!!