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mClinica - Advancing Healthcare in Asia's Emerging Markets - mClinica builds digital networks of pharmacies, physicians, and patients in Asia's emerging markets.

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  • Mary Jo Johnson - This close to perfect.

    lots of very nice features, they could have spent 15 cents more and provided a red wing along with the black one.

  • Insider - Ms Word 2010 Instead of Acrobat

    I needed this to format and convert my 16-chapter book -- Instead of using Adobe Acrobat, I have been able to do everything in Word 2010 and give it to the publisher as a PDF. I chose 2010 version because it is the last one that runs under XP... MS Word 2013 needs WIndows 7 or 8 or a change of OP SYS, and I didn't want to do that , yet. Although be aware that 2013 will not only output a PDF, it will take in a PDF and convert it to a docx file. Slick.

  • Spoonfulofsugar - No more refillable cups. Junk machine

    Keurig's break down... a lot. I got this one to replace the one that broke down and that one replaced the one that broke down before that. Everyone I know has had their Keurig stop working. There are many online tutorials to fix them when they quit on you because the break so much. I always used the refillable K cup and put my own coffee in there. Now I can't do that. Talk about GREEDY corporate ridiculousness. They make enough money off those machines. Most people are not going to want the refillable anyways, but for those who do, it's such bad customer service to do away with the possiblity entirely. They've also made this model super high tech... meaning... it won't brew other brands of coffee that aren't made by Keurig like the ones that have a mesh filter and are less toxic than the plastic Keurig cups.

  • Joe G. - Very handy tool

    This is a great product because you get the Leatherman name without an overwhelming number of tools. I bought this for my brother and he can't put it down. The knife blade has quickly broken in and makes for easy opening (either by way of the stud on the blade or the opening mechanism at the top of the spine). It took a minute to figure out how to close the bottle opener -- you have to push it in while folding it down and it will slide right back into place. I would consider buying one of these for myself!

  • Drizzt's Pen - Great product

    Kaspersky always scores the top or near the top with the independent testing labs. It is a leader in the industry and even finds numerous state sponsored malware. I bought it 5+ years ago and used it on many computers. Kaspersky does have support for the latest Firefox, this includes URL checking, safe money, blocking banners etc. This product includes so many features (e.g. encryption) and works flawlessly with Windows 10. There is no better product in the market for the public.