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  • TechieXP - great lube

    Works great on everything. I use it for my bike and it makes the chains feel slickery. No resistance. Cleans very good too. Just spray and wipe off the access. It does seem to attract dirt faster than other lubes I used. But because its teflon based...it wipes off easy. Highly recommend if u neef a good lubrication. Better than TriFlow which was my favorite for years.

  • Sheila - LIFECELLSKINCARE UNFAIR TRADERS-they pre authorise charges from your bank account before you receive anything-BEWARE

    Do not buy this product-the terms and conditions relating to this product are 7 pages of A4. Before you receive this product the so-called trial, hundreds of £ which you did not authorise are pre-authorised from your bank and show up as a debit ($189.00 for product plus shipping cost) and taken out of your account. If you have a query following your so-called order, there is a reference number they give you, but the actual order does not describe nor specify exactly what you allegedly ordered nor that your account will be deducted i.e. shipping costs plus $189.00. If you have a query, you are advised to contact [email protected] which does not work: your email just bounces back. To cancel go on the Lifecell website (For some reason the web address will not print here)

  • M. Haapala - Feeling less Sluggish and Happy with the Purchase

    I was drawn to 1 Body Liver Support & Cleanse by all of the glowing reviews here on Amazon. After cross checking the ingredients head to head with several other Liver health supplements, I found this to be the best bang for the buck. Healthy doses of Milk Thistle and B vitamins were most important to me, and this fits the bill. Although I have only been taking the supplement for a week, I do feel far less sluggish. Is this placebo effect? It's too early to tell, and I do intend to provide updates...but for the time being, I am feeling better- and for me, that equals money well spent. An added plus- the customer service provided by 1 Body is second to none.

  • Barraza - Looks Great

    I really like this arm rest. The 3D tape doesn't stick good on the edges but even with that it still fits good. I've gotten nothing but compliments for this product. The tire patterns match my slush style floor mats.

  • Elizabeth Treiber - loved!!!!

    I just read this to my 2 daughters age 7 &4. They loved it! They think their dad might be a super hero, too. Let up the great work! Wee look forward to reading more!