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  • Gavin - WOW!

    After two days my blue bags under my eyes is almost pretty much GONE!! I cannot believe it! I will continue to use this forever!

  • Desiree - Great product!

    Great product!! This is also going for a great price.The bag is made of very thick durable material. It has extra-strong zippers. The zipper that opens to the main compartment has a cover with velcro reinforcements to ensure it stays waterproof. There is an additional zipper to increase the size of the bag. Inside, there are sewn in pockets with zippers to hold items. There are 3 straps that tie around the entire bag in three places and then clip in. This bag,when not in use fold up very small. We go camping a lot and this is great. We can fit so much stuff in it without crowding up the car with stuff. Great for big families and road trips.

  • Letitia Moore - Keeps Getting Better and Better

    Green is the "Brains" of the Immortal Ops Team. He's dedicated his long life to ensure the safety of his team. His Fae turned human wife, Elizabeth, died giving birth to his child over 60 years ago. He can't forget his true love and refuses to give his heart to another.

  • Emrys Corbin - Good for the price, with one minor irritant.

    If you want a bright, compact UV light, this certainly does the trick. I’m using it to check for security marks in bills, check IDs and check cleanliness in the workplace, and so far, it’s done a good job of all three.

  • ted butler - not that hard - just plan ahead

    After reading previous reviews,I planned a night my daughter was sleeping over a friend's and got to work. If you take your time and be meticulous and have a sharp knife handy, it is fairly easy to get the leappad out of the box w/o destroying the box. I got everything out and it took about 45 minutes to upload everything but I was familiar with the site and process from previous leapfrog toys. All done and got it back in the box with just 2 new pieces of tape and it looks unopened. Can't wait til Christmas morning!

  • john hundrieser - Intuit is the worst software company in the world.

    I first used QuickBooks when it was a DOS product, and it was pretty good! Since then it has barely improved and the world has passed it by. I haven't used it in 8 years and just bought a new version and it's completely unusable. First, you have to reinstall Internet Explorer if you're like everyone smart that uses modern browsers instead of IE. Then, it still won't connect with your bank, even if you use their IE window to login to your banking site (it disables the feature of downloading banking transactions?!???!?!). I'm going to go back and look at xoom and freshbooks.com and maybe i should get a giant paper ledger with a pencil and an arm guard. That would be less painful that this Intuit failure.