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Ambulatory Infusion Pumps Pump Systems Administration Sets - Small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump systems for Pain Management PCA PCEA, Parenteral Nutrition, Parkinson’s, Immunotherapy, Thalassemia and other infusion therapies

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  • Amazon Customer - Healthy Hair

    My product arrive in a timely manor and I used it for almost two months now. It does appear to help prevent hair loss but no new hair growth that I can tell. Hey, at least it prevents hair loss. That's better than other products I tried.

  • David B. Jennings - Costs less but . . .

    I've been a Turbo Tax user for some years. It served me well, but I thought I would try the competition. After all, H&R Block is a big name, and it costs less. Early on, the program told me that my adult live-at-home son wouldn't qualify as a dependent. Huh? I checked my entries, new earnings threshold and could find no reason. I re-entered the data. Same thing. So I looked it up on the IRS website (which can be very helpful and is easy to use). IRS says he is dependent. What to do? Maybe an email to H&R Block. Oh, that will be $20. Maybe an online chat? Oh, that will be $20. Later, I updated the software (I had done this before). The problem went away. I now feel uncomfortable using it, and feel like H&R Block will try to nickle-dime me to make up for the lower purchase price? I'm not a happy camper.

  • KnottedKnitter - Wasted my money and time

    A waste of my money. I never opened this once on our last vacation (RV trip from southern Oregon to Glacier National Park). If you never leave the interstate system it might be okay, but we traveled on a lot of smaller highways and county roads, so this was useless. I looked at it before we left and it was a bit difficult to read, as far as what was available at each offramp. Don't waste your money unless you only travel on the interstate system.

  • victoria ellison - It worked best with a Tanda device

    First I did the starter kit..only liked the sub D and the lifting lotion not the face wash or cold plasma so much...funny smell. Bui then by buying that you become a member and they send you a 2 oz jar of Sub D and I thought it would be a 3 oz..not but they also send the firming lotion which I can take or leave..don't see any improvement using that for past three months. Just too expensive...I canceled the membership. Don't want to pay nearly $50 a mo. for three mo. of cream. Not going to purchase when i'm finished with this jar (last along time for me) and try something else. I'd say I saw about a 30% difference in firmness of my neck with is pretty good for my age. But as time goes by and I'm on my second 2oz jar I see less improvement.....maybe I need to use it more then once or twice a day? When I have time I'll use my Tanda for about 6 min. on neck and jaw area and then apply Sub D...see diff after a few days of being consistant.