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Midwest Special instruments Corp. In Savage, Mn - Midwest Special Instruments Corp. in Savage provides Sales & Service of audiometers, tympanometers, Balance instrumentation, spirometers, breath alcohol testers, respirator fittesters, vision screeners, hearing aid analyzers, and otoacoustic emission instruments.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • April - not bad

    I like how it's made without sulfates or parabens, that's my main reason for trying this. I found a large bottle at a local biglots store for $4. It feels pretty nice in the hands though once the water hits it, it gets a hint of tackiness I guess, then once in the hair it feels like it's pretty much gone. My hair doesn't silken like it will with popular conditioners. However, once my hair dries and is brushed out, it's very nice!! I truly feel my hair is strengthened and quite soft. It's not the type of soft where you can rub it between your fingers and get that silky cool feeling, but more of a manageable soft and flipable feeling. I actually feel it leaves my hair in better condition, I just wish it would silken (detangle) it in the shower so I wouldn't have to pre brush.

  • Earn - this album right here is his best.. no question

    first, this album was unexpected. it came out of nowhere .. atleast to me. but i got all of his albums and i knew that there is something special about this n*gga j cole after my first time hearing him. he is hip-hop. to be honest, i stop listening to hip-hop untill his first album came out... now he the only real artist out there that i feel n relate to. this album right here is his best.. no question! i love the fact that he remembers where he came from.. i mean , thats what the whole album is about and its a good thing. he hood and staying hood and not going hollywood. love his work on this album. dare i say best hip-hop album of 2014?... well it is!!!