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  • JD and Kim - Not for me, but smells great!

    I turned 30 this year, and it seemed overnight my face suddenly showed all of the years of abuse that I have put it through. Not using sun protection, wearing make up, just not taking care of my skin at all. So I set out on a hunt for something to help me change the damage that I was seeing in the mirror. I have purchased all sorts of products over the last few weeks and I have finally found what works for me. This product however, wasn't it. I think my biggest issue with it is that it is a gel. I feel like gels just go onsticky and make my face feel like it was covered with glue or something. However I gave it 3 stars because there are some things that I like about this product as well. I like the smell. It smells like a light cucumber, and it definately has a nice relaxing smell to it which is nice for something that you are putting so close to your nose. I also like that there are 2 ways to dispense the gel. You can unscrew the lid and dip your fingers in, or you can pop off the top and press down on the lid and gel will dispense through a small hole in the lid. The gel did go far only using a small amount to cover my whole face and neck so the bottle would last a while I think. I prefer creams and serums that go on and easy and dry quickly with no sticky feeling. I also like when my face cream tingles a little, it makes me feel like it's working. This one did not tingle or have any discomfort at all. If you are looking to help maintain the skin you have, I am sure this product would work better for you. I am not sure that it is right for correcting years of skin abuse. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for this honest and unbiased review. If you found this review helpful in any way please consider hitting the yes button below. Thank you.

  • I. Rodgers - Great book, easy to read and understand

    I own all four of Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa's books, and am reading and re-reading them on a regular basis. When '2012 Awakening' came out I was very happy to see that the enormous amount of information they had packed into '2012 You Have a Choice' had been re-written in a format which is easier to access and understand. It also includes additional information which is not present in 2012 You Have a Choice, as well as answering some commonly asked questions. For anybody who needs to find a way to address the anxiety and fear which are heaped on us daily this is an invaluable resource, both for the practices as well as for the loving, reassuring and commonsensical way it is written.

  • karmen - he will absolutely love it. The quality is great

    I ordered this product and although I am going to give this to my son for a Christmas gift I wanted to test it out to make sure it worked and worked properly. My son is starting to learn his alphabets so we have been trying to find ways to help him out. I cannot wait to show him this, he will absolutely love it. The quality is great, the sound is clear and the tunes and the functions work great. I absolutely love this product.

  • K. Dorn - No toxic chemicals, generous rear facing limits, perfect!

    This is the only car seat I could find without toxic flame retardants combined with a generous rear facing weight AND height limit (my children will both reach most height limits years before the weight limits of any car seat). I first ordered another brand that claimed to be free of toxic chemicals, when it arrived it reeked so badly I had to send it back. This Clek Fllo perfectly covers my primary concerns better than any other seat I looked at: toxic chemicals and extended rear facing. It is also very sturdy, not the styrofoam headpieces that are in so many other car seats (which inevitably break in car seat shuffling) and the strong metal frame is reassuring. It is easily installable as well as adjustable. Width is narrow, I could fit 3 car seats across (this, a Recaro pro Sport and a booster) in the back of my Golf TDI, big plus. We did have to put the front seats further forward than is comfortable, but it fit. It is surprisingly light considering its sturdiness, heavier than a foam and plastic seat of course but lighter than a Recaro or a Diono. The only disadvantage I've found after two months of use is that the cover is not removable for washing. I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT. I hope my review is helpful.