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Mental health: Myths, risks and treatment alternatives | Mick Bramham, Weymouth, Dorset - Questioning widely held beliefs about mental illness: exposing myths, misinformation and treatment risks

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  • http://www.mythsandrisks.info/depression-overview.html What is depression? - Depression as a response to the circumstances and experiences of our lives: invariably it is someone or something that is getting us down.
  • http://www.mythsandrisks.info/chemical-imbalances.html Depression and chemical imbalances - Depressed about something or someone: life, people, worries, fears,ill-treatment, injustice, memories, poverty, a sense of hopelessness
  • http://www.mythsandrisks.info/welcome.html Thinking about mental health: Welcome to Myths and Risks - This website is not intended as an in-depth critique of mental health problems and treatments; it is rather a call to question

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  • John W. Wagonis - Undecided as whether I should switch to it.

    I have been researching an alternative to QuickBooks Pro2013. I have used QB since 2000, and have become extremely discontent with it. Today a program bug erased many of customer credit card numbers. Just randomly erased the fields, but only for some customers. Tech support wants to charge me to fix it. And I can guarantee that Level 1 Support can't fix it. I seem to know more than every Level 1tech I have spoken to over the years. Sage50 in reviews comes out even with QB. But it seems that if I want to process credit cards in the software, I have to purchase an additional modul. And probably have to pay year to year for it. So sage50 can easily become much more expensive than QB with no guarantee that it will be less buggy. After reading a few reviews about it on Amazon, my little voice is telling me not to do it. Especially if their support is that pig-headed.

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    Since you can't get oxyelite pro anymore I tried these. They are only ok. I took the recommended dosage for the duration of the bottle. I did sweat more during my workouts, but at the end of the cycle I did not see the results I had with oxyelite. I guess I'll keep looking.

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    I have been using photoshop for years. The original price was steep but since older versions work fine for my needs, I have no reason to upgrade. I have only done so a couple of times over the past decade. Well, Adobe just assured that I will never upgrade again because they want to charge you forever. Great deal for them, not for the customer.