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  • Prayforsnow - Ahh...relief at last on Purple!

    I had been suffering from a lot of pain, due to surgeries on back and left shoulder. I have a bad left hip and my 12 year old foam mattress was absolutely useless to get a decent nights sleep! I am a side sleeper, so after my due diligence on researching mattresses and their high price, I stumbled on an ad for Purple. Ordered it! At first I was told it wouldn't arrive for two weeks and that made sleeping on my no-good foam mattress that much harder while waiting! To my great surprise, it arrived in five days! It did take a bit of adjusting, but I can now sleep on my bad side and rarely toss and turn anymore. I can't wait to order some Sheex, as recommended, but my old bamboo sheets are working well, and I personally like the feeling of the gel, which some reviews seem to imply is not to their liking. I also get those dreaded night sweats on my foam, no more on Purple!!! I love this mattress! With the 100 night "try it out", you can't go wrong. Yes, even a queen mattress is a bit heavy, but I'm still strong enough to have wrangled it in and on to the box spring. And then I flopped on it and made all kinds of sighs of relieve...ahhh.

  • Sameer - The Best Paid Anti-Virus Software

    I was using Microsoft Security Essentials and got attacked many times by malware. I installed the free version of Avast which is more powerful than M.S.E and Avast removed all the viruses that M.S.E. couldn't find. I bought this Kaspersky (3 computers)(1 year) product from Amazon for a very cheap price. The Kaspersky is better than Avast. Kaspersky's user interface is so much better than Norton 2014. Lab tests show Kaspersky is the 2nd best anti-virus program under Bit-Defender. Kaspersky 2014 is fast when it scans your whole computer compared to others. Kaspersky 2014 doesn't slow down your computer and doesn't give you false positives.

  • Valeria Duron - Satisfied

    I'm glad I purchase this set, I have no complains. It come complete, without scratches and it looks real good. All for a very affordable price.

  • phoenix - A great anti-aging moisturizer for anyone with sensitive skin

    I've been using a variety of Nutrogena's products over many years (body lotions, bath and hair products), but felt uniquely challenged to find a suitable anti-aging day lotion with SPF. With hundreds of products on the market touting similar claims and vying for our business, it can be a bit overwhelming. I needed a product to address my sensitive/combination skin issues that would not cause breakouts and not leave a heavy residue after application. Certain retinol products can irritate sensitive skin and I was worried about breakouts and redness. I've used this lotion for the past year and have had very little problems as far as any skin irritation. I did switch a few times to other brands, and some that were quite expensive. I bought one pricey moisturizer at Macy's that was more than three times the price and found after just a week's use my skin had breakouts and the lotion was just too heavy. What I really appreciate about the Nutrogena rapid wrinkle repair is that it provides enough coverage and moisturizer without irritating my skin and does not feel heavy. Many of the other lotions I did try were just too heavy for my skin. If you have dry skin, you would probably be fine with some of the rich lotions. But if you really need something that will not irritate sensitive skin and still address some of the aging issues we all experience, I would really recommend this product. I can't say if this will work for deep wrinkles, but since using this product I've seen improvements with fine lines and had the expression lines on my brow very much improved. Do consider this retinol product if you have sensitive skin and struggling to find something for daytime use that will moisturize and protect.

  • Ryan Victory - Saved me from potential electrical nightmares!

    My wife and I were recently shopping for a new house (our first home, no less), and I brought this product along to make sure that the "updated" electrical systems in the 90-100 year houses were truly updated and not just grounded outlets slapped onto non-grounded wiring. This device quickly and accurately let me know which houses had major problems which potentially saved us tons of money in the long run. Would recommend to anybody who needs to test outlets that they have installed, or to test outlets in potential future homes.

  • Treegirl - Amazing!

    I started this product a month ago. Not only has my hair grown a good inch (even with two trims!) but it has helped my energy level! I feel great the days I take it. The taste is a little too medicinal for me so I take it with something to drink but I love this product!