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Town of New Hampton, New Hampshire - Town of New Hampton Website, New Hampton, New Hampshire. View departments, boards and commissions, news and events, tax rates, assessments, and more.

Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6441 Illinois, United States

  • CrimsonHail - Kodi and addons are easy to use

    Well constructed and functions as described. Kodi alone is reason enough to purchase but this is a fully-functioning minicomputer. Kodi and addons are easy to use, enable or download but could be challenging for non-tech oriented users - not as plug and play as implied, slight learning curve, youtube is a great resource. Makes a great addition to my media-centric home network. By enabling hotspot tethering, has even delayed my decision to upgrade my wi-fi router which is suffering from frequent signal dropout.

  • erica - Smells nice

    This shampoo smells very nice. It did a good job cleaning my hair but left it feeling a little dry on the ends and greasy at the roots. I do have very hard water and this is sometimes to blame but this shampoo didn't preform as well as others I have tried. I do not believe I will be buying more because for it is didn't work as well as I had liked.