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  • Connor J. Davies - Great concept, terrible in practice.

    It's an okay printer in a lower price bracket--but for the price paid (and currently listed-- $499.00) this printer is a disaster. I love the Ecotank feature, but the issues we've had with it simply do not redeem this purchase. Even plain paper it struggles to feed every time either through the scanner ADF or through the paper tray itself, and on a daily basis throws a good ol' "Paper Jam/Out of Paper" error requiring someone to go eject the paper tray, only to find there's plenty of paper left. Reengaging the paper tray and hitting the gray or blue "Print" button and the printer suddenly continues as if nothing happened! It can be rather frustrating as we use the same paper in a number of other HP and Brother printers... even a cheap $88 Brother has never given near as much trouble. Changing the paper to a different stock seemed to remedy the issue--but only temporarily and the issue returned. Currently shopping for a RELIABLE replacement, as this one simply can't perform.

  • Amazon Customer - These shoes are freaking AMAZING!!

    I love love LOVE these shoes!!! They are AMAZING! I'm constantly on my feet, I work in a nursing home. By the end of my shift I can come home and my feet do NOT hurt!! I currently have one pair of Nike shocks and one pair of puma's. Neither one of those shoes have a comparison to Asics!!!! Im now a TRUE fan and will be buying another pair of asics .