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  • Alfred S. Thornton - The show made you happy and then it made you sad

    Well, this is hard. Even knowing about the time paradox, I still wanted Berry to succeed. I sure there is a time that everyone wants to change. The show made you happy and then it made you sad! How do I get us to the new crew?!

  • Amazon Customer - Its Great

    I just started ttakinh the detox tea about a week ago and I can already feel and see results. I can tell that I have more energy and feel better overall. I'm excited to see how I am going yo feel after I finish the second week.

  • Brian Lev - I'm Just Here for the Spectacle, Ma'am...

    Let's be honest: the science is poppycock (e.g., neutrinos from the sun are suddenly "acting like microwaves" but ONLY the earth's core is affected?), and the storyline (by now well know) is pretty easily guessed in advance. I'd already seen this film before and watched it again purely for the amazing spectacle of all the special effects and disaster sequences. A fun, very silly romp that has slow parts easily fast-forwarded through to without hurting things too much. :-)

  • Tina Tarallo - I really feel like these make a difference!

    I ordered these vitamins because I noticed my hair falling out more then it should be. I've been taking them for a couple of weeks now and I've notice my hair is not falling out as much as before. I also have a hard time with my nails, they usually break very easily and I'm noticing that they are stronger and or growing more then normal. Overall I really like this product. I received this at a discount for my honest opinion. I truly like the way these vitamins make me feel and would buy them again..

  • Maren Mitchell - So helpful in pole class!

    My pole instructor gave me her almost empty bottle of Dry Hands to try. As soon as I got home after class I ordered my own. This product is amazing. You'll be able to do climbs, spins and other tricks you weren't able to do before due to sweaty and slippery hands. You'll be surprised! Only downside for me: Sometimes your hands get too dry to do certain spins. Only use one tiny drop and you'll be fine.

  • HRN7442 - ... extremely dry skin for years and can't say enough good things about it

    I have used this for my extremely dry skin for years and can't say enough good things about it. I put it on right out of the shower and my skin has shown a drastic improvement. Perfect for aging skin and the ill effects of menopause and has reversed my dry skin 100%. I sometimes mix it half and half with a favorite moisturizing lotion and shake the two together and that also works wonders too. Makes it easier to apply since BioOil is literally an oil.

  • JeanArm - All my favorite features are still there and a few more

    I used the 2008 version for a long time and upgraded to 2015. All my favorite features are still there and a few more.