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Home | Olentangy Pediatrics - Columbus, Ohio - Olentangy Pediatrics is home to six highly respected, board-certified physicians who are ready to team with you to support your child’s good health. We hope you will choose one physician as your child’s doctor who will then be available for well-child examinations and ill-child appointments. (As needed, your child may be treated by one of our other experienced physicians for an ill-child visit.)

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  • PeachPecan - Fishy Problem

    Seachem Prime was recommended by a pet store clerk after I had spent five (5) weeks trying to clear up the cloudiness in my 55 gallon aquarium. Despite water changes, using a diatom filter, gravel vacuuming, changing filters, etc., couldn't get the water clear. This seems to be working pretty well.


    As soon as my new ThruNite TN12 EDC LED 1000 LUMENS Flashlight order came in FROM AMAZON; I had to see what all the UTUBE Video praises were all about! I was rocking a 300 lumens Flashlight at the time. I compared both Flashlights. And it was like comparing a 5watt LED to a DEATHSTAR! OMG! I didn't need to BLINK! The THRU-NITE's raw BLINDING power came alive in my hand! I came to the quick realization that the Thru Nite TN-12 was all and MORE than it was advertised! My little AA300 lumens flashlight managed to sadly slink away and mysteriously disappeared into the oblivion void of my toolbox! I just had to re-order another one for my Wingman J"s upcoming Birthday! My fingers were a blurr on my keyboard and I re-ordered a new THRU-NITE TN-12. The delivery came in really fast!

  • Terry - It does seem to have fixed the leak.

    It does seem to have fixed the leak. It is still a little early to declare it fixed. But I haven't noticed any leaks in the roughly two weeks that it has been in my power steering. I would mention that there was little power steering fluid left when I added this stop leak fluid. And the power steering action is back to normal.

  • James H. Barnett - A Business Model like Dilbert's Company

    When I upgraded in 2010, they took away my ability to print W2s. When I upgraded to Sage 50, they took away my ability to do my own tax tables. I am in the canoe rental business. If I took money for the rental and then demanded extra for the paddles and then dinged my customers for life jackets, I doubt if I could stay in business very long. This is my last time with Sage. They have a good accounting product, but their business model is unethical.

  • Malahuk - nice balls

    They are brand new golf balls that are relatively cheap, what more can I say? They didn't knock any numbers off of my handicap or anything but I'm about a 30 handicap so I probably wouldn't be able to tell even if they did. Can't beat these prices, cheapest I found by at least 5 dollars (and that includes walmart and the NEX).

  • Jill C. Jolley - favorite

    I have tried so many products on my straight, color treated hair that is thick and of short to med. length without getting the results I wanted until this one!! easy to use, good on my hair, not sticky, hard or heavy. Get up the next morning and run my hands through it to refresh the style and that's it!!