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  • http://www.onlinelege.no/send-inn-spoersmaal/ Send inn spørsmål - Online Lege - Spør legen og få raske og grundige svar - Fyll ut et enkelt spørsmålsskjema, send til legen og motta raskt et detaljert og lett forståelig svar.

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  • Tiffy - It works I was sceptical before

    I got this after I hurt my back working out at the gym and after the physical therapist used a similar item on my back muscles and could finally walk again I am able to work out sime but not like I use to I use to go for 1 to 2 hours at gym training anyway I got this item I've used it for about 3 weeks now I still eat right and I use this every night in thee positions lower mid and high ab muscles I have seen a decrease in my waist of 1 inch and I can feel the difference in my abs I can feel them wheni flex and push my fingers into my stomach area before I would try and well it was flabby so I don't know about everyone else but it works for me I had good abs before so I don't know how much is muscle memory but it works for me.

  • Penny Kelley - Great book!

    This was so well written! The science of what happens during a fast was presented in terms that a layman can understand. I had a lot of questions in my head about fasting and they were all answered (plus a few more). Even though it was a book about fasting, I didn't want to put it down until I finished it. I am so excited and positive about adding a little fasting to my life.

  • Glowing Image - Informative resources with well planned guideline

    The author presented an excellent and informative guide line here on different online passive income streams, many of which I have not pursued. The knowledge and depth of information share by the author for each of the ways to make money online was really impressive and realistic. This book will be incredibly handy for those who are looking out out for the ways and guideline for passive income. This book is well researched and presented step by step to support you the best on the way of passive income. I highly recommend this book if you're willing enough to earn more money.

  • tara blackburn - but once you swallow them there is no after taste or anything like that. You're not stuck burping the smell up ...

    This is a base fat burner to help lose weight. You simply take two capsules once a day preferably with a meal. These capsules do have a weird kind of smell to them, but once you swallow them there is no after taste or anything like that. You're not stuck burping the smell up the rest of the day or anything so it's easy to ignore that.

  • Adam - Great Buy

    Ordered box for my dad for Christmas and it came within 3 days and was not damaged at all. Fits great! Easy installation!

  • Lucretia Taylor - Face Cream

    Product arrived on time and in original packaging; I was a little concerned when I learned that the Spa was in Hong Kong but the product appears to be genuine and I was happy and pleasantly surprised with the speed of its delivery.

  • Ryan Rutledge - Broken monitor eight months after purchase.

    I purchased this monitor eight months ago, and just now the left side of the screen has gone wonky and pink. It is pixelated, there are waves running up the screen, and it appears as CRT monitors did when they had a magnet near them. This is a known issue (as I have come to find out by searching the web). There is a one year warranty on this item, but I cannot get through to their customer support. Several of the links on their warranty page are broken. Also, they expect for the customer to pay for shipping when under warranty (which might be common, I wouldn't know).