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  • S. Carroll - Good Design- good price! Many tips!

    This water floss machine has worked well for me once I figured out the right tip to use. The regular tip was too strong and did bother my gums.

  • Gilbert - Absolutely thrilled

    I'm absolutely thrilled with this purchase for a middle-aged newlywed couple where an "Our First Christmas" ornament didn't seem appropriate. High quality. Beautiful box with blue velvet-like interior. Just the kind of keepsake I was looking for. They were delighted!


    I've owned Pink Floyd "The Wall" on cassette, early vinyl, CD, and now this heavy vinyl reissue. It is my favorite rock album overall. I remember purchasing this record on cassette when it first came out. After listening to it all the way through for the first time in 1980, it was clear to me that it was and is an extraordinary classic, arguably PF's greatest album. This is PF's most fully realized album with so much happening both musically and lyrically that it challenges you to listen and understand the powerful concept and all of the tragedy that feeds into it. I remember being 16 years old when it was first released and digging into the lyrics to understand their message. It was then and some 30 odd years later it still is an emotionally powerful album. "The Wall" just doesn't succeed as a rock album; it succeeds as a true work of art. It is like a Shakespeare tragedy that's not designed to make us happy, but to help us learn from life's sufferings on both an historical level and on a personal level. Don't we all build walls in our lives in some way? The message of "The Wall" is to break down the walls that prevent us from being truly happy people.

  • mom pappala - great stroller

    I bought this stroller after looking at sit and stand strollers for my 2+1/2 year old and 4 year old children. I test drove the sit and stands and did not like how large and heavy they were. Since my children are older I just wanted a light weight stroller that one child could ride and one could stand on. I found this stroller and am very happy with the purchase. It folds a bit thicker than an umbrella stroller but is very light weight. Some people say it feels wobbly and rickety, which it does, however it does have a solid frame , I was able to push my 32lb 2+1/2 year old sitting in the seat and my 36lb 4 year old standing on the back over a gravel parking lot with very little effort. The tray opens easily and the seat is very adjustable. The standing area on the back is really just a tiny ledge but both of my children enjoy standing on it and holding on to the handles for stability. The handle extension is useful for leaving room for a child standing in back. The fabric is removable and washable and the basket is very large for an umbrella type stroller, the canopy is fantastic also. It is not as easy to navigate as my maclaren stroller but I use this instead since it is more useful to have the standing option on the back for a second child.

  • matt bauerlein - More than disappointed - I'm angry!

    As many other have stated, the deck looked great when complete. After a few weeks bubbling and peeling occurred. I prepped and applied as per the directions. Now, after winter in upstate New York, the deck looks awful! About 1/3 has peeled. I have a huge 3 tier deck and used almost 40 gallons of this crap. Now I'm out over $800 and don't know what to do to fix the issue! I wish I knew how to start a class action law suit! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • Amazon Customer - Update

    I had gotten an earlier version of this software many years ago and decided to get back to working on my tree. The updated software is much easier to use and paired with ancestry.com, on-line searches are much easier.