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Office of Scientific Affairs - The Office of Scientific Affairs (OSA) facilitates the performance and the continued expansion of the biomedical research enterprise of University Hospital and Medical Center

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  • Printing - Very pleasant and mild tasting

    Given a free trial tube of Sensodyne ProNamel by my dentist, I began using it recently. This Mint Essense flavored toothpaste has a very pleasant and mild taste... not overpowering or "shocking" like most toothpastes I've tried. Also, the product I am using is not gritty at all. (One reviewer noted it's gritty feeling; that person likely purchased a fluke and should contact the manufacturer to make a complaint.) I love this product and am hooked even though it's more expensive than others and even though I haven't used it long enough to see physical results.

  • LilTuscany - Grewt for pretesting for SAT

    Lots of great testing Material. I was hoping to have a little bit more instruction, however. I homeschool and was hoping i would be to use this is more of an educational tool and doesn't suit my needs for that.

  • marmar - Ms. Skeptical

    To tell you the truth,I was very skeptical at first. I listened to the 1 minute transformation CD and I tried the methods they suggested to "transform" my daughter, but nothing worked. However, the further I got into the program, the more insite I got on what was going on inside my daughters head. There is a lot of information and lessons to go through, and you have to take your time to make it work. But it does work.

  • Shannon G. - Overpriced and ugly

    Way too expensive and I hate how you can't buy Word on its own anymore. I prefer the Pages and Numbers programs that come FREE on new Macs. The Word interface in particular is way too ugly and cluttered, not very intuitive or enjoyable to use at all.