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Patriot Outreach - Patriot Outreach - Confidential, private and effective support for anxiety, daily stress, and even P.T.S.D. Supporting all Military Service Men, Women, Retirees, Veterans, Government Civilians, Battlefield Contractors and their Families.

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  • Mike R - I can breathe!

    Holy cow, what a difference! The first one of these that I used was the first time ever that I was able to sleep with my mouth closed. Complete night and day between using this and not using it. The adhesive is great. Stays on all night without being painful to rip off in the morning.

  • Mike - MAH!

    I only gave it a 3 because they cut in and out. the range is not great. I like the fact that I can pause just my pressing the button on the ear bud it's self. They fit well and don't fall out but battery life is not all that good tho. When you actually get them to connect they do work. My mane beef is the price point it is way too high for the overall quality!

  • John John - perfect fit

    perfect fit....works perfect....received it fast and secure....GOOD JOB!! why is there a word minimum on here...this is a pain in the A%$#

  • bekk - Helps With the Itch

    My son-in-law isn't going to shave until July (he's in a contest with his twin - that will make it 7 months with a full beard). I purchased this for him because I know it will help the itch that has already started to plague him. He says it not only helps with the dryness he is feeling but this oil makes the beard look more full, less straggly.

  • Good Stuff - All in all a pretty good product.

    I've been with Webroot since around 2006 when I got the lightweight antivirus product. Worked great for years until did the conversion to the forced Secure AnyWhere software. While I had initial issues, once I got past the usual installation crapola, it has been working fine and protecting as well as it used to. I recommend it and plan on staying until they irritate me with some other conversion that doesn't work so well and then it's off to something else just like how I chose them in the first place back around 2006 when my other antivirus was causing more problems than it was worth. Hope to be on this for many more years so we'll see.

  • James Lee - Worth every penny

    I was extremely happy to see Amazon still had this for sale given the fact that you can not find it in stores. My fear however was what kind of shape would it be in when it arrived. Thankfully it was well packaged and safe. The PS4 is much smaller when compared to the PS3, including the size of the box. I hoooked up it and it started up with no problems at all which was my next sigh of relief. Once I started setting up my account, which was very easy to do, I put in my first game. As soon as Metal Gear Solid V started up, it was just jaw dropping how life like it looked. I have a pair of ihome headphones and after changing the audio to work with them through the awesome dualshock controller, I felt like I was there, living the game.

  • Amazon Customer - Bare-bones Packaging

    After delivery I had to go back and read the product description and there it was the whole time: "Item is delivered brand new without box, DVD, or instructions." You'll get a thigh master in a brown box, that is all.