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PEPCID® Canada | Heartburn Relief Products - When heartburn strikes, why compromise? Dual-action PEPCID® COMPLETE® combines an antacid and an acid reducer for speed and duration in a single tablet.

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  • https://www.pepcid.ca/our-products/maximum-strength-pepcid-ac Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC® | PEPCID® Canada - Discover Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC® to prevent your tough heartburn symptoms or relieve them after they strike, day or night.
  • https://www.pepcid.ca/our-products/original-strength-pepcid-ac Original Strength PEPCID® AC® | PEPCID® Canada - Discover Original Strength PEPCID® AC®, which controls acid all day or all night to relieve heartburn symptoms at a lower dose than Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC®.
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  • https://www.pepcid.ca/all-about-heartburn What is Heartburn? | PEPCID® Canada - Learn about heartburn, including how to identify the symptoms, some common triggers, and treatment options.
  • https://www.pepcid.ca/all-about-heartburn/common-triggers Common Heartburn Triggers | PEPCID® Canada - Learn about what causes heartburn symptoms - such as what foods cause heartburn - and find some easy prevention steps to head off future bouts.
  • https://www.pepcid.ca/all-about-heartburn/eating-better Eating Better to Prevent Heartburn | PEPCID® Canada - Discover some changes you can make to your diet and eating habits to help prevent the onset of heartburn symptoms.
  • https://www.pepcid.ca/all-about-heartburn/doing-more Doing More to Prevent Heartburn | PEPCID® Canada - Discover some changes you can make to your habits to help keep your heartburn to a minimum, including improving your sleep and quitting smoking.

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  • N. R. - Great Family Car

    We love our 2016 Subaru Outback 3.6R. My favorite feature is the Eyesight - it works and feels very safe. Backup camera is great too. Handles very well for a wagon/suv. The v6 gives it adequate power. Seats are comfortable. Haven't taken it out in snow or off road yet. Perfect for our family of four. At $34,500 fully loaded we felt it was a great deal compared to anything else out there. There was a recall with the steering about a month into owning the vehicle which was frustrating. However, Subaru handled it very well and we go a loaner so it really didn't inconvenience us much. My one complaint is the radio/navigation set up. The knobs are slippery and too small. The interface design is very amateur. For example, you have push two buttons to get your radio favorites up. Because of these issues I'm only giving four stars but we'd buy another one in a heartbeat so far.

  • BobOki - Great easy to read LARGE calendar. Had a few bubbles on the sides cut open when they cut the bubble wrap. Great calendar still!

    There is only one problem I had with this calendar, and that is that some of the bubbles on the far edges were cut when they cut the bubblewrap. I think we had 4 of them total that were cut, so no pop. The rest is great, calendar is HUGE, easy to read and comes with reminder stickers. Dates of import are already marked, holidays, etc and are easy to read. The bubbles that were not broken, the other 98%, make a good loud pop sound and the entire calendar will go great on a wall for anyone that really loves bubble wrap.